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In the day of the day, the entries were divided into the morning and afternoon.In order to provide a better competition environment to the entries, three conference rooms were arranged in the eastern center of the national technology transfer.In order to show their own service capabilities and service programs, some participating companies even bring the most creative scientific and technological achievements to the scene.Liu always pointed out: “The sales channels of the home improvement market gradually broaden, the traditional single channels can no longer meet the needs of enterprises, and the marketing method should be treated with the changes in the times.With the continuous growth of data and the continuous upgrades of technology, all walks of life are in the tightening bullish data strategy, using big data to implement business model transformation and upgrading, with data drivers to shape the unique core competitiveness of the company.The event includes “Project Road” + Puzzle Solution + On-site defense three major process links, in addition to its own project introduction, you will choose a patent result to be converted in 50 patented instructions.In 2018, many decorative companies found that customers were more and more difficult to find, the companys profits were getting thinner, and the money was difficult for a year.The building decoration industry is no exception.”Has been unanimously recognized and supported by entrepreneurs.From the perspective of enterprise development, data is not only an asset, but also a profitable tool.In addition, Shanghai The municipal science and technology innovation coupon will also actively introduce this entries to promote the innovation and development of science and technology intermediary service organizations, combing the technology service industry brand, and build a batch of future science and technology intermediary service star institutions.Service ecological environment. read more

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The reporter has recently learned from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Under the efforts of the various parties of the industry, “5G + Industrial Internet” has exceeded 1,500 projects, covering more than 20 national economy important industries. At present, 5G applications are being produced by the production of peripheral production site monitoring, and the plant intelligent logistics and other scene applications have extended deep extensions to the product. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the first “5G + Industrial Internet” 10 typical application scenarios and 5 key industries practices. “These typical application scenarios have been applied to a certain scale of electronic equipment manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, steel, mining, and electricity.” The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology introduced the “5G + Industrial Internet” typical scene and Key industry. read more

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, helping them master English basic knowledge.Financing: Complete A round financing, amount of 100 million yuan, invest in Yida Capital ., Through cloud technology and Internet of Things technology, the operation management, automation and intelligence of house buildings, provides users with integrated solutions in smart home, intelligent security, and smart community field.G2 CrowdA5 entrepreneurial project brings together the current hot Internet entrepreneurship project, such as applet, cloud computing, OA office system, smart electric sales robot, etc.It is reported that Apple will launch major upgrades in next year, such as realizing boundless frame design, cancel the front plateThe body key, realize wireless charging, but the above three new mobile phones, how to deploy these new upgrades, are not detailed.5 inches, respectively, and the current mobile phone is consistent.Financing: Complete seed round financing, total amount million yuan, investor individual investors.2 inches.Compared with the liquid crystal screen, the picture quality is more vivid, more powerful, and can also be built, but the life of the organic screen is lower than the liquid crystal, and the current mass production technology is not mature, the cost is also relatively high.According to a number of media reports, Apple will launch three smartphones next year, including two versions of the LCD screen, and the screen size is 4.Playing Water TechnologyClassification: Fitness Data Service ManCategory: Cloud Storage Technology development service providerAnother feature of the surface screen is to provide some touch functions on the side of the smartphone, but the source said whether the Apple iPhone 8 provides side control and is not yet determined.Financing: Complete B Round Financing, the amount is not open, Investors Zhang Jiang Chuanggou.Classification: Online Educati? read more