conceal (own) sin

According to “Historical Records, Volume 1 · Five Emperors” “The Emperor Hongs did not talented, hidden thieves, fierce, the world,” Interpretation: In the past, the emperor had a The son of the non-material, (usually) cover (others) good deeds, conceal (own) sin, do bad things, the world said he called “Chao”.The appearance of the 饕餮 is very embarrassed, and there is a horrible big mouth, accounting for the whole face.According to the “Zuo Chuan” record, the four major murderous beasts in the ancient Chinese myths are: “饕餮”, “饕餮”, the image is like a huge dog, and the head tiger leg is long “梼杌” with wild boar is “梼杌” and the big tiger “poor”.Chongzhen is difficult, always swaying.The update of each algorithm will have an impact on the SEO industry.However, after the death of this matter, Lu Xiang listened to this matter, it took the death, said to Zhu Bifue: “Your Majesty is ordered to be a supervisor, and the minister only knows the battle, I dont know how to surrender, if I am full of people, Chen only dead!The cabinet minister Wei alcohide only took five hundred and two silver to pass the customs, and the Chen was talking about a snot, and he couldnt help it.Promotion cost;After the news passed to the palace, Zhu was in the desperate, even a cup of drinks, sighed: “Just bitter this world,” Portable eunuchs advised Zhu Yusou to surrender, was honored by Chongzhen The sword hacked.According to the “Chunming Dream Record” record: “Chongzhen November 2nd “The side of Chongzhen gradually gathered a group of small people, and finally, the back of the back gold medked, Yuan Chonghuan died in the hands of Zhu Bifu.After I die, I will let the culprits corpse, but do not hurt the Beijing people.My Daming 277 years of base industry, in the evening, All traitor mischief caused or will not happen.Then SEO will die more from some competitive industries. read more

-3 days + one week- talk more, Jingdong two strategic investment negotiati details exposure

As of June 1, Beijing time, Gome retail closing price is 1.00 Hong Kong dollars, which increased by 4.17% from the previous day. This is since October 2017, Gome retail the first closing price back to “1 era”.

The stock price of Gome retail is not allowed to connect to the “team” initiative to connect in the near month.

On the 28th, Jingdong Group announced the strategic investment of Gome retail, with $ 100 million to subscribe to the countrys retail (April 19, while April 19, spelling) (NASDAQ: PDD) also has a strategic investment in Gome with a total of $ 200 million convertible bonds. read more