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    kiana kaslana

    Your browser does not support grid, so will not be supported. Hover over your browser version to see if there is a way to enable potential support. Sorry, I am no longer able to justify working on making the layout work on older devices. +_+ absurdres anklet barefoot between_toes blood breasts cleavage crushing dirty dirty_feet feet foot_focus giant giantess gloves guro hair_ornament highres honkai_(series) honkai_impact_3rd jewelry kiana_kaslana kiana_kaslana_(herrscher_of_the_void) large_breasts legs_crossed long_hair myoffice no_shoes toenails toes wings yellow_eyes read more

  • anklet

    anklet (n)

    ornamental ring for an ankle, 1810, fromankle, with diminutive suffix-let, afterbracelet, etc. 14c.ancle,ankle, from Old Englishancleowankle, ultimately from PIE root*ang-/*ank-to bend (seeangle(n.)). The Middle English and modern form of the word seems to be from or influenced by Old Norseökklaor Old Frisianankel, which are immediately from the Proto-Germanic form of the root,*ankjn-(source also of Middle High Germanankejoint, GermanEnkeankle). The second element in the Old English, Old Norse and Old Frisian forms perhaps is a folk-etymology suggestion ofclaw(compare Dutchanklaauw), or it may be from influence ofcneowknee, or it may be the diminutive suffix-el. Middle English writers distinguished inner ankle projection (hel of the ancle) from the outer (utterorutward ancle), and the…

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  • apprentice

    Instituto Argentino de Flores de Bach

    Una Escuela de Tcnicas Psico Homeopticas Av. Beltrn 5600 – Parque Camet Tcnicas Psico Homeopticas de Bienestar Curso de Homeopata para Terapeutas Instituto Hahnemanniano Internacional nscripto en el Ministerio de Educacin y Justicia Superintendencia Nacional de Enseanza Privada bajo Registro de Establecimiento N 10.427 del 30-04-92 Ley N 13.047 art. 2do. inc. C) como Establecimiento Privado de Enseanza en General no incorporado a la enseanza oficial La modalidad contempla en un solo Curso Completo,los tres Niveles equivalentes a una formacinde una carrera de un aoy ahora es posible realizarlo totalmente a distancia o con encuentros presenciales en nuestra Oficina de Cursos en Lomas de Zamora. En cada Nivel, se entrega…

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