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Frequency and depth o irrigation should vary with growperiods of e cane. Dung establishment peo(0)

This section presents information on water relations and water management of sugarcane and provides links to other sources of information.

The present area of sugarcane (Saccarum officinarum) is about 13 million ha with a total commercial world production of about 1254.8 million ton/year cane or 55 million ton/year sucrose. (FAOSTAT, 2001).

Sugarcane originated in Asia, probably in New Guinea. Most of the rainfed and irrigated commercial sugarcane is grown between 35N and S of the equator. The crop flourishes under a long, warm growing season with a high incidence of radiation and adequate moisture, followed by a dry, sunny and fairly cool but frost-free ripening and harvesting period. read more