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    After you’Today, Google officially released the Google Now Launcher to the Play Store.I’m used to yelling at my Google Home and Amazon Echo, not so much my web browser.however, it is slightly inconvenient to have to click an icon or tap a keyboard shortcut all the time(Related: If you want to check and see if your favorite beer, wine, or spirit is vegan, Barnivore is a great resource for doing so.) Reading websites to you out loud (“Read this page”) Getting the weather report (“What’s the temperature in San Francisco?”) Translating a website to another language (“Translate this webpage to Spanish”) Getting directions (“Find the nearest sushi on maps”) Setting…

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    Connecting Employers and Apprentices acrosOntario

    Looking for a job in the skilled trades?Post a profile with your rsum and start searching! Looking for trained apprentices for your business? Post the details and find qualified candidates fast. Considering a career path as an apprentice? Browse our library of more than 150 skilled trades descriptions,learn about training providers and more. What does a Millwright do?How much can you expect to make as an Early Childhood Educator?Find out the answers in our library of skilled trades profiles. Find a job in hours, not weeks. Register now to find your perfect match. read more

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    Free Fax

    Do you really want to send a fax without attaching a file first? Type text to appear on the cover page: (You can use just an attachment, just text, or both.) No FaxZero branding on the cover page If you check this box, we wont add a cover page before your fax.

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