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For the above problems, relatively simple, in actual angle:the picture shows the video I shot in one page, we can clearly see that affect the crawl frequency of three aspects:In addition to the production foundation, with the increasing domestic semiconductor ecology, the attention and expectations of the emerging industries are more and more high.Cao Shuang is a quall.During Cao Yu and Cao Rui, Sima Yi was reused after all, and can show his talents, nor is it inactive.When Cao Cao lived, I learned Sima Yis biggest threat.Later, he waited nothing more than a chance.If you want to re-establish it on the 12-inch wafer, the thickness of the silicon is very critical.Shengling Hai studied the current increase in capacity, from the current period of 2025, 55nm / 65nm will be a large growth process, the reason is that the market demand is now even in the future There will still be a big increase in the year.(2) the size, the word I think thats very good.But the emperor is a person who can do it, they all have talents, so Sima Yi will be pressed.To face the continuous change of industry, the core is to increase the domestic production capacity, and also seize the opportunity to improve the technical strength, and is currently the best time.If there is no giant company you can digest in the market level, it will inevitably face a problem in the future.Later, Cao Yu was in place, Sima Yi finally received reuse.Reminder: The first phase of the pomegranate algorithm is upgraded to the page algorithm containing a large number of low-quality pop-up advertisements, will be officially launched after a week, and hope that the webmaster checks the advertisements in the website as soon as possible, if there is the above saying Please handle it in time.”We estimate that the overall market will be in the second half of this year, due to the first In the second quarter, it is often a traditional off-season.Because the ARM ecology has also been a support of the big company, there is nokia, Samsung, Apple with ARM (gradually improving its ecology), otherwise it is really difficult.The three DPRK is the old man, such a powerful figure must protect him.A, in terms of strategy, there is no hard difference, but many foreign servers have a domestic area ban, as well as the perspective of foreign server websites. read more