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Han Wudi discounted to appoint the prime minister, intend Appreciate Han An Guo, send people to visit him, foot 跛 is very powerful, so I use the Pingbi Hou Xueze to be a prime minister.But the king is ultimately unable to understand.sick vomiting blood.Because Zhang Yu is struggling, Han An Guo has stabilized the defense, so Wu Jun cant cross the defense line of Liang Guo.After Han Anguo, she served as the messenger of Liang Guo to Changan.Han An Guos tears rolling down, said: “The king of himself, you and the emperors relationship is more intimate than the Emperor (Liu Taigong) and the High Emperor and the Emperor and Linjiang Wang (Liu Rong).Is these people worth punishing?”Tian Jia went to thank you.Han Anguo four years old, the prime ministers were killed, and the Han An Guos agencys position, gave the emperor to guide the car, drop the car, dropped the feet.So Han Jing, Dou That more attention to Han An Guo.After the tour, the Tuan Dynasty made Han Jing Dis relationship with Liang Wang, Dou That, the museum, the museum, the public, Han Anguo, worth about a thousand gold property.Han An State is alienated, very unimple. read more

Yugu Wang came to meet

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