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    can be indexed using the standard Pythonthe selection. There are three kinds of indexing available: field access, basic slicing, advanced indexing. Which one occurs depends on In Python,x[(exp1,exp2,…,expN)]is equivalent tox[exp1,exp2,…,expN]; the latter is just syntactic sugar for the former. Basic slicing extends Pythons basic concept of slicing to N dimensions. Basic slicing occurs whenobjis asliceobject (constructed bystart:stop:stepnotation inside of brackets), an integer, or a tuple of slice objects and integers.Ellipsisandnewaxisobjects can be interspersed with these as well. read more

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    there is a high-tech team of Tai Hospital

    After become immortal, barefoot, although simple, but not a fool, or mixed in heaven to have a certain influence, so the Queen Mother with a pulse to go closer, eventually reached the large Luo Jin Sin level.Barefoot inside is a representative figure, it can be said is extremely talented Guards.Barefoot few appearances, but it is rare innocence, of a pure heart gods.cc is enabled by Shenzhen Lanfeng Technology Co.The domain name lfn. The truth is indeed that the topic of the low-class class is often a buying boat to buy a car to hunt, and the topic of the high class is sometimes talked about work.The third quarter camp recovery…

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