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According to the three equity incentive history since the Gree Electric, 2005 to 2007, due to Gree Electric completed the performance commitment in the equity incentive program, Gree Group will be the net asset value per share of the audited at the end of the year, The former management of 713 million shares were sold, and the total number of shares sold in three years was 21.74%, and the eight major shareholders of the PRTERGER IC.The Galaxy International gives Gree Electric 40 yuan / shares on May 10, the price of the target price is the lowest price in the investment banking report in the past two years.WIND data shows that on this years annual dividend, Gree Electric has been accumulated 21 times since 23 years, and the total amount of cash dividend is 54.The balance transfer is transferred later.As of July 31, although Gree electrical appliance has increased by 56.Gree market share is undeniable that Most of Dong Mingzhu is closely related to the share price trend of Gree Electric. read more

Yugu Wang came to meet

2: Install Z-Blog Several common plug-ins to Google Site Maps – Sitemaps: Google Sitemaps is a tool for Google and a website administrator.Album Plugin – Album Plugin Based on Z-Blog Accessories: The main purpose of this plugin is to better manage the pictures in our website.The new production line will produce the wafer of the special ultraviolet photographic photolithography.The US Integrated Circuit Research Company expects that capital expenditures in chip are reduced by 3% this year to less than $ 100 billion.And his picture display method is currently popular.As of the press, the trial is still in progress.Raise the latest comments and reply to the top, wanting to have more highlighting communication with friends.In this regard, Dalian St.As long as the site is updated, it will automatically “notify” Google, which is convenient for Google to index.Although frozen has been released, Dalian St.This morning, Apple, Zhongdu Telecommunications is a case in Beijing Intellectual Property Court at the Beijing Intellectual Property Court for iPhone6 ??Mobile Exterior Patent Infringement Dispute.3: Blog content – the practicality and readability of the article.The Judgment of the Party of these cases was served by the Dean of the Knowledge Court.In addition, the two jurors of the five-person collegiate Tui Guobin, Yao Huqing are also well-known experts in the field of intellectual property law.This morning, the case is tried in Beijing Intellectual Property Court.RSS Optimization – RSS feed Optimization Plug-in: Using this plugin to optimize your RSS feed output, add the original link to the feed, so that Google can easily find the original article address. read more