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Help?Try Walking Through The Moth FamiliesGetting

Digital Guide to Moth Identification

Help?Try Walking Through The Moth FamiliesGetting

Monograph-type Plates — Moth Identification Series

Monograph-type Plates now available using thePhylogenetic Sequencesystem adopted in the Pohl et al. 2016Check List.

There are several series of plates showing photos of moths to aid you in their identification. They are listed below in Hodges Check List order, with links on the left to the plates for pinned or museum specimens, and links on the right to two comparable series for living moths. All of the plates in the several series have colored buttons as shown above. These permit you to select Large, Medium or Small page sizes to suit your Internet access or modem speed. For example, the Small page of Collection Specimens will contain 8 rows, each with 6 photographs. Medium pages will display 16 rows while Large pages will contain 32 rows. Once you have a page to view in your browser you will have other navigating choices. read more