Iraq Body Count

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The public record of violent deaths following the 2003 invasion of Iraq

Documented civilian deaths from violence

Total violent deaths including combatants

On the 18th anniversary, Iraqs state of war

Bombings in Baghdad reduced, but never went away

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Iraq Body Count maintains the worlds largest public database of violent civilian deaths since the 2003 invasion, as well as separate running total which includes combatants. read more

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Okini, nine, the nine hero of the founding of the United States, is the character of the long history novel “Tang Dynasty”, the characters in the “Xingtang Chuan”, is Wu Jianzhang, Gao Wei. , Yang Lin, He Ruoyu, Fish and Rob, Qiu Rui, Han Yu, Ding Yansheng and Yang Su. The novel has widely learned the folklore and the performance, not in the homestead, with a distinct folk literature color. Below our small series brings a detailed introduction, lets take a look!

1, Wu Jianzhang read more