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    $86M to California couple upheld in Monsanto pesticide case

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) A state appeals court upheld $86.2 million in damages to a Northern California couple who developed cancer after spraying Monsantos Roundup, the worlds most widely used herbicide, in their yards for 30 years. The verdict in favor of Alva and Alberta Pilliod that found Monsanto at fault for knowingly marketing a dangerous product was the third to be upheld by an appeals court,the San Francisco Chronicle reported Monday. In a 2-1 ruling, the First District Court of Appeal in San Francisco said that despite federal regulators approval of Roundup, jurors were entitled to conclude that Monsanto knew the herbicides active ingredient, glyphosate, could be dangerous and failed…

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    -Five Elements- -Five Elements- of thOperation Website

    With the popularity and development of the Internet, more and more people have added to the personal webmaster. Everyone who wants to build a station is very enthusiastic and fantasy, eager to succeed in the future! Most Time is immersed in the joy of the holiday, and how can I do it in the reality? I think many people have no systematic analysis. “Adhere to” is the most word we have heard, can it be successful? In the following, please talk and position from my own point of view. First talk about the prospect of the website. This should be a web vision plan. Which direction of your website is…

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