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    Abraham is a kind of person who is about hstory may be munderstaing-

    First, Egyptian Travel The Jewish “Bible” said that God put Palestinum to Abrans and its descendants, but the Bible recorded the story recorded in Abram. . However, this is obviously very bad about the later Jews. If you can leave Gods promise, what is the sacredness of this land? So Joseph is emphasized in “Jewish History” Branda left Canaan just hiding the famine, once he fought, he immediately returned to the promise. The author of the Bible and the author of “Jewish History”, Joseph, who is sitting in the window of a new desk, recalling their ancestors, and the lifestyle of the nomad is obviously unfamiliar. Abram is not wanting…

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    and died during the night

    2018 the company began the year at airports and other places advertising, promotion expenses compared with 2017, resulting in an increase 3.At the end of June 2020, the companys account payment balance was 48.Ai electronic responded that, as of 31 December 2020, Sun Hongjun and directors, supervisors and senior management and key technical personnel of the subscription of shares issued by the Company, to buy real estate there is capital flow.3967 million yuan, 297.Sun Hongjun large sums of money exchanges with colleagues B is, in December 2015, Sun Hongjun subscribe because of its issued shares and loan to a colleague B 200 million, of which one million yuan was repaid…

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