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comprehensive facilities strategy, governance and strive to cure source.Strengthening the orientation management, strictly prohibits pushing inferior information such as various vulgar and vulgar prunity.compacting the main responsibility platform, strengthen the daily management;Strengthen an orderly operation, it is strictly forbidden to flush the disturbance.Specifically, the mobile apps that supervise the various types of media attributes and public opinion mobilization functions are strictly in accordance with the law, and the PUSH pop-up window is strictly prohibited to push some online news information published by the media.Key aspects of the use of minors is more, the relatively high frequency of use of live video, QQ group, interactive community, online games, web text novels, popular online class platforms.Fans establish community management mechanism, strengthen adjustment of key functions, while the key people, the focus of the account classification applied policy.While further strengthening the in-depth study of group behavior patterns and governance, “Rice circle” to guide their Web platform to develop community rules, norms fan base network behavior, try to solve the problem from the source, guide young people rational Starchaser. read more