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Later, Guan Yu was committed to the human being, and he was highly respected by the people.Why is it here? Guan Yu is just a small Nantian gate war.But in a small number of hot plates, I also feel “overworked”, the investors atmosphere is fanatical, and there is a big risk.Essentially, this high-growth state can be maintained for a long time, thereby matches extremely high valuation, but in fact, the probability of fantasy is minimal, any company has cyclical, especially new energy, this cycle of new energy Shares, when everyone only talks about growth attributes, their pricing must be foam, four quarters or next year, we will see the strength of cycle attributes, which is the same as the current test of the current breeding industry.Previously, incremental funds from new energy tracks came from public fund.Eight major brokers Theme Strategy: Domestic new energy car policy support is still in honeymoon, optimistic automotive industry gold Ten yearsSixth, the Market Supervision Administration encourages e-commerce platform operators to establish convenient dispute resolution and remedial mechanisms, and timely handling consumer quality and safety disputes.? So why is there such a situation itNew energy car concept stocks are generally grabbing this year, with the new energy vehicle index (referred to as “CS new energy car”), the beginning of the year So far, up to 49.After the reporter learned, it was found that there were many private attitudes to sing more new energy cars in many years, and “a bit expensive” sound begins to appear.According to data, the new energy car concept is divided into the net, Tianqi Lithium, Tianci Materials, and Enji Shares, the net rate PB (LF) is more than 10 times, the first Tianqi lithium industry is as high as 30. read more