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Support mobile communication reseller companies to carry out mobile Internet access business.By the end of 2020, the NB-IoT network realized the county levelThe citys main city is generally covered, the focus area is covered;Real-time monitoring ability.Later, Han Zhao Dadao was suspended by Changan.In the book, Zhang Fei was in the town, and because he didnt read it, Lu Bu, plus his greed, and forgot the teachings of Liu Bei, one day he was drunk, and he was whipped Ru Bus old man Cao Leopard, Cao Lear is very angry, so she has told Lu Bu, and I captured the next, and even the wife and children who were tired and Liu Bei were caught by Lu Bu.However Renyankewei, although they are heavy right hand, is not easy justifiably want to seize the throne.guide industry application companies to build equipment integration intelligent, equipment and data management intelligence, system The operation and maintenance intelligent vertical industry application platform, gradually forming the mobile Internet platform system, further reducing the development cost and connection complexity of the mobile Internet access device, meeting the need for complex scene application.Sima Chapter came to welcome Lu Bu.Push the NB-IOT standard into the ITU IMT-2020 5G standard;While protecting the network service level of the storage IoT terminal, the new add-in terminal will no longer use 2G / 3G network, push the stock 2G / 3G Internet of Things traffic to NB-IOT / 4G (CAT1) / 5G network migration.Enterprises, research institutions increase research and application of safety technology such as mobile Internet Terminal Trusted certification technology, block chain traceability.Later, Yuan Hao led the army to attack Xuzhou, Liu Bei led Guan Yu to fight Yuan Shu, and left Zhang Hui to sit down.Wenwu Baiguan has to collect the hunger of wild rice.have deep coverage;Mobile Internet access companies should incorporate the Internet of Things business into harassmentAnd garbage tying SMS control system, improve Internet harassment phone and garbage tyrant monitoring, discovery and disposal mechanism, according to the system network function restriction requirements, strict standards of tyrant SMS, voice and other functions, according to “minimum “The principle is the user to open the Internet of Things;facing smart home, intelligent agriculture, industrial manufacturing, energy meter, fire smoke, logistics tracking, financial payment, etc.Encourage all localities in the industrial (industrial) park, smart city, beautiful rural and urban road bridge, municipal management network, integrated pipe gallery, traffic logistics, green land landscape, etc.But according to this paragraph Record, it is indeed Zhang Fei to kill Cao LeopardIn the city, the chaos were in the first.Support for mobile Internet network quality assessment testing, promoting network service quality, facilitating user needs, and promoting the improvement of mobile Internet services. read more