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I took my emergency brakes in the halfway, and he hit it up.The total amount of the case has exceeded 1.” Yinlongs new energy said that it is verified that a Cai surname has no labor relationship with Yinlongs new energy, and has not provided any labor to Yinlongs new energy.To offset the debt of new energy from the companys neighborhood.I drove in front, you followed me.2 billion yuan.According to the announcement, Wei Yinjing and others were suspected of invading the companys interests more than 1 billion yuan, “home ugly” has been defeated.Recently, Yinlong New Energy released the “Regulations on the Development of Dong Mingzhu and other shareholders and the progress of the major shareholder case” in its official WeChat public account.4 civil cases are waiting to open the trip, involving invasion The companys interest has exceeded 1.Yinlongs new energy is called, the major shareholder, the former chairman Wei Yinjing to the United States;2 billion yuan, as early as November last year, Yinlongs new energy will release “instructions”.It is worth noting that talks about the rumors Wei Silk “” The fat gambling lost hundreds of millions of yuan, and asked the special person to transfer to Macau gambling, the person salary by the company.In this regard, Yinlong New Energy said in the statement that the company has ordered the company to request a large shareholder Wei Silkang and its company to withdraw its unregistered and eliminate effects within a limited time limit.Investigation of the new energy in Yinlong, in the investigation, the four civil proceedings involved in Yinlong Cang and others include: In 2015, Wei Yincang will have transferred 5 patents from 100 million yuan before 2012, The price of 95 million yuan is sold again to the company, which allows the company to lose 95 million yuan and interest.In 2016, in order to ensure the smooth listing of Yinlong new energy, Wei Yincang promised to be controlled by Zhuhai Hengdao New Energy Technology Co.In terms of operation mode, Jiege is simple to comb, and WeChat “shopping” is actually no operation mode, very grounding, core routine is a friend recommended gameplay, talking with white words, is WeChat friends to other WeChat friends recommended products, early WeChat “Shopping number” can choose four items to recommend it to friends, but once it is recommended, it can not be changed within three days. read more

Worker Safety & Health in Wildfire Regions

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Worker Safety & Health in Wildfire Regions

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Office of Legislative Affairs (OLA)

Commission on Health and Safety and Workers Compensation (CHSWC)

Industrial Welfare Commission (IWC)

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