the US protection of patents is very strong.

Some people think that they want to dress up into a soft girl.Use such a relatively open attitude to see this to be used better.For a long time, Weibo attaches great importance to the hot search standard operation, strictly controlling the orientation, resolutely prevent harmful and poor tendencies on the list, and establishing a sound manual intervention mechanism, continuously optimizing the list algorithm, ensuring the authenticity of the list content and heat And authority.Just make full understanding of self, identify the risk, learn to use social software, can greatly expand social intersection The radius, the possibility of finding meaningful interpersonal relationships.Li Shimin Dengji, no one dared to do a bill, because the last still book made an emperor, who was suspicious.Among them, the hot search of “acting” is 172 times, an increase of 91% from the previous month.For example, the Tang Dynasty, eventually disintegrates disintegration because it is curbed by the force, the Qing Dynasty is died in the double strike of the strong and uprising. read more