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    Behavioral and Social Science Resources Find TB Resources connects you to a worldwide library of online resources, training, and educational materials Tips for Coding and Billing- Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Latent Tuberculosis Infection (LTBI) from the Heartland National Tuberculosis Center. from the World Health Organization (WHO). The Find TB Resources Website is a service of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Division of Tuberculosis Elimination (DTBE). This Website is intended for use by health care professionals, patients, and the general public interested in TB. We encourage you to contact us and participate in the expansion and enhancement of this Website by submitting additional materials and providing your…

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    For more on brackets

    The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation Anellipsis(plural:ellipses) is a punctuation mark consisting of three dots. Use an ellipsis when omitting a word, phrase, line, paragraph, or more from a quoted passage. Ellipses save space or remove material that is less relevant. They are useful in getting right to the point without delay or distraction: Full quotation:Today, after hours of careful thought, we vetoed the bill. With ellipsis:Today we vetoed the bill. Although ellipses are used in many ways, the three-dot method is the simplest. Newspapers, magazines, and books of fiction and nonfiction use various approaches that they find suitable. read more

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