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    Men go mad in herds and recover one by one EnglishClubLearn EnglishWritingPunctuation: Ellipsis The ellipsis mark is also called a suspension point or dot dot dot. The ellipsis mark consists of three dots (periods). We use the ellipsis mark in place of missing words. If we intentionally omit one or more words from an original text, we replace them with an ellipsis mark. Suppose we want to quote The film focussed on three English learners from Asia who were studying at university. Perhaps we want to omit from Asia who were to save space. So we write: read more

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    -AI + big data- strategy upgrade cloud from technology to accelere -China Valley- landing

    At present, my country is Dali promotes the development of new infrastructure, and artificial intelligence is taken to one of the seven plates. Ai + big data is the key to urban digital transformation, providing help with smart urban development. As a represented representative of the new infrastructure development of the National New Infrastructure, clouds from technology strengthening the combination of AI and large data, further improving urban refinement management. Recently, cloud from technology signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Guiyang Municipal Big Data Industry Group Co., Ltd. (The following “Guiyang University Data Group”), combined with “AI + big data”, enhancing all walks of life For transportation, logistics, education, medical,…

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    There is a Japanese term: Mono no aware. It means basically, the sad beauty of seeing time passthe aching awareness of impermanence. These are the days that we will return to one day in the future only in memories. The Midnight consists of Tyler Lyle (a songwriter from the Deep South) and Tim McEwan (a producer from Denmark). The new album Monsters is released 10 July on Counter Records

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