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Enterprises should talk about their financing demand, and how much is intended to finance in the current stage, and how many shares will be clearly expressed.(China New Jingwei App)In this regard, TV Plus Holdings, said, in fact, Jia Yueting had not actually control the music network.Marketing Plan Channel ExpansionWill also have a point that the judges are very concerned., Angel Investor, China Torch Investor – Dai Jingtao details how to write business plan .07% of the companys total share capital, Jue Yueping although all shares were frozen, large Some shares are pledged, but it is still the actual controller of the company.What is the attention of attentionLeTV Holdings emphasized that the amount of Mr.Team members must be complementary, that is, there must be both technical talents in the team, but also have management talents, and there must be marketing talents, and the entire team needs complementation, and only technical personnel or marketing staff.If the location in the industry is less than the pre-lease, we can consider weaken this part.For the music director Wu Bao Yu calls “from 2018 to date, the music network with major shareholders and related party debt deal with no progress,” music, as the holding responded that this description of the facts seriously, does not match the information also with the music network has been disclosed.Since September 2017, Jia Yueting commissioned music as holding debt management team to communicate with any of the many times when the music network management, and has reached as well as the implementation of the related debt repayment plan.The scoring criteria is important to the judges, and all judges must be strictly enforced according to the rules of ratings. read more