In the past three years, Oaks has investing more than 3 billion yuan, including more than 600 million Oaks R & D center, more than 50 funds of top experts in the Japanese R & D center.Some people have mentioned a point of view.Although it was forced to choose an export, Oaks was a great success in overseas markets, and this has the power to participate in the air-conditioning industry faucet.The new domain name also has the advantages of new domain names.In the past two years, there have been data show that the sales volume of Oaks air conditioners increased by 20%, and the sales increase in the sales industry, ranking first in Internet air-conditioning sales.”After all, white appliances pay attention to practicality and life, quality is especially critical.The sales of peeling will be related to the low price strategy.0 billion yuan, and more than 12 billion in three years.16% and 82.Each company should pay more attention to its own product quality and meet the changing consumer demand.Last week, Changjiang Business Daily Contact Oaks Groups air-conditioning, the other party refused an interview and expressed the need to contact the Group level.24% of Oaks Group Co.However, the Yangtze River Business Daily reporters discovered that while high-growth rate expansion, the Oaks highly relied on the line channel model, and its lack of development and innovation was also questioned.In 2016, the media organized the national industrial and commercial quality inspection department to 502 electric kettle sampling information in 2010 to 2016, and Oaks was in 11 cases, and the number of unqualified times was as high as 6 times.However, the Yangtze River Business Daily has been discovered that the overall strength of the Oaks business is also more strong.If it is not a high value value, it is not necessary.Invest, the establishment of the laboratory, the mold center input, the introduction of new products, etc.The reporter tried to call the group market number multiple times and no one answered. read more

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, Hong Kong Central Settlement Limited Company, China Securities Financial Co.In the Central Plains in the Qing Dynasty, the distingness and authenticity of their own blood system attached great importance to it? How did the Qing Dynasty Gege have to choose the horse? What is the hardware condition of the horse?Since the first 2 experiments are for her service project, only the final security is, Gege will marry, this Qing Dynasty It is a week., Hebei Jinghai Guarantee Investment Co.On the contrary, the pain will pay for 10,000 yuan, and he will take twice as much as you sell.Qing Dynasty as the last feudal dynasty of the feudal society , became the descendants of the most contentious period, not only these, because the distance is very close now, so many thing that we can have a clear understanding, but also precisely because of this, many of his standard text into a target of criticisms from the people, For example, the Qing Dynasty grafting system.The most beneficial is the Gege of the Qing Dynasty.Report, how to quantify the analysis, it is two or three months, seeing the palace female is a sign of pregnancy, if there is no problem, this horse is no problem. read more