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33% of Crude Oil Yield (or 1.Jiang Zi said to Wen Wang: “You have brought me eight hundred steps, I will protect you Jiangshan eight hundred years!However, if you come from mythical perspective, why did Ji Chang will not carry a ginger to teeth more? Why got eight Hundreds of steps have not?However, this Tiantong is not suitable for the hunting farm today, it is suitable to go to the lake, because there will be a noble person today to help Zhou Wenwang, but the ancient love is superstition, so Zhou Wenwang comes to the lake according to the accounts of the accountant.King Wen wanted to share this moment Gua dead before departure, he decided that he had been looking for a late-bloomer Big Yin, immediately wanted to meet bloomer coming out.In the summer life, the back is humiliated, such as the famous tyrant Xia Hao people, Make livestock. read more