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    t solve pixelated textures.Linus over at Techquickie gives a great explainer on all the different types of anti-aliasing in the video above, and their strengths and weaknesses, such as: SSAA (also known as FSAA): Super sampling anti-aliasing was the first type of anti-aliasing available.Windows/Mac/Linux: Keep your data backups under your control with CrashPlan, a handy backup tool that facilitates local and, more inventively, friend-based remote, encrypted backupsIn these cases, it’Of course, when you fire up a game, you usually don’However, you can often enable them in your graphics card’ve talked about anti-aliasing before, but only delved into the basics.Different Types of Anti-Aliasing as Fast as Possible TechquickieMSAA: Multisample anti-aliasing is…

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    Unilever Middle East Homepage

    MENA Green Recovery: Building-Back-Better MENA Green Recovery: Building-Back-Better View MENA Green Recovery: Building-Back-Better Join interactive sessions on sustainability My Sustainable City Photo Competition Whats happening at Unilever? Explore our latest news and stories covering innovation, our people, sustainability, marketing and more Visit our careers site to browse vacancies and find out what its like to work with us. For over 120 years weve been pioneers, innovators and changemakers. Through our brands, were tackling the big issues that affect us all. For the sake of our future and our planet. read more

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