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    Before you plunk down for a pre-order—starting tonight at 12:01 a.I’d be more concerned about the focus speed, how well the camera takes photos in a low-light environment (with an f/1.I’d only care about 5G if I was buying something I know I’d use for the next several years;1080p at 30fps (front camera) \nGoogle Pixel 4 XL: 4K at 30fps;A $1,500 phone sits in “decently well-powered” laptop territory—pricier than the latest MacBook Air, to put it in perspective.However, the fact that you have to make this selection yourself, since the phone won’t switch the refresh rate for you, makes the feature feel a bit meh.And it adopts new retail aggregation…

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    Click the link below to view our current class schedule and book a class today! 15 years of combat sports including, Muay Thai, boxing, mobility training, and pushing body limits. I strive to design a body without quit testing myself mentally and physically. 7 years in the Army including Army combative experience. Challenge myself to see how much adversity I can overcome. Kyle enjoys all forms of fitness including boxing, Muay Thai, weight lifting, and obstacle course racing. He loves seeing his clients transform into stronger happier people. read more

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