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    General information about the C++ programming language, including non-technical documents and descriptions: Learn the C++ language from its basics up to its most advanced features. C++ Language: Collection of tutorials covering all the features of this versatile and powerful language. Including detailed explanations ofpointersfunctionsclassesandtemplates, among others… Description of the most important classes, functions and objects of the Standard Language Library, with descriptive fully-functional short programs as examples: read more

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    Ultimate Windows Tweaker is Like Tweak UI for Vista (Windows Vista) “To do so, head back to the Location Services settings page, then tap on an app whose location permissions you’d like to edit.” Disable system services If you scroll to the bottom of your list of apps in Location Services, you’ll find an option called System Services.StreamDesk brings a hand-picked selection of live video streams from sites like Ustream.Traffic, and Improve Maps are services that Apple collects location data for to improve across its ecosystem.Free file browser Q-Dir makes for a good USB drive app or installed replacement for Windows Explorer for those who do a serious amount of…

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    Chen Gongwen Taizu: “The state is not the Lord, and the king is in the case, please see the state, the Mingfu is looking for the husband, the capital is in the world, this overlord is also.I believe that there will be many people to express and indiscriminately speaking my point of view, but I guarantee that these are true thinkings.It is a cooperation rather than hosing as an entrepreneurial company.Dont overestimate your appeal to excellent talents.It is not happy to change.Moreover, entrepreneurial companies often ask employees three to six arms, and they can do it.Among the major organization, the date of implementation without thinking, the speed of personal growth…

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