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    Gravy is one of those wonderful dishes that can bmaddayaheadfime

    Originally posted in 2017, and updated on February 04, 2021 with new recommendations.Coincided with winter, no fresh bamboo shoots (there was no convenience store or something), Meng Zong helpless, alone, went to the bamboo forest, supporting bamboo cry.And later he was recruited by virtue of the court, “exemption” to become a “national civil service.”Three Kingdoms”, Liu Beis description of black and white cry dozens of times.Soon, Cao Cao has experienced the biggest fiasco of life – the ?? of Chibi.Mainly, iOS 14.Throughout “Three Kingdoms”, there is Liu Beis cry recorded only a handful of six times, three of which were for his competent counselors Tian Yu, Pang Tong, the law…

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    plain text passwords

    A vulnerability report of the ancestors: a large number of 12306 users in the Internet, including user accounts, plain text passwords, ID card mailbox, etc. (unknown of leakage), but interpretation of a vulnerability report that has not yet public details It is very unreliable. This thing 12306 has been informed, and the black cloud also provides evidence of the white hat discovery, so what is the situation of the official final reply together, and do not guess or even misleading. Since this vulnerability has not been publicly disclosed and officially handled, I dont talk about it today, talk about more 13W account sensitive data for two days. Once this data,…

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