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Zhang Wei told the 21st century economic report reporter, with the opening of the two cycles, the space market space will be very huge, and all companies are looking for their own position.Founded in 2004, in 2006, it has been transformed into e-commerce service providers.Upstream there was a marked stored original feeling.” According to the introduction, Hardware technology innovation direction and application requirements are more diverse, and the same party will provide products that respond to market demand, and carry out changes in market and product strategies, and adhere to their own technology research and development, based on the current environment background, do PLAN B / C in advance Plan preparation.According to Xiaobian understanding, many network set-top box operating systems will be very long, but Thai Webox has made a lot of optimization and technology iteration at the bottom floor of the Android system.It has risen by 361% in 2020, and the Shopify share price rose by 180%.”Not only for now.The huge market ecology and rapidly changing industrial chain supply demand, the test arrows of domestic companies R & D and linking capabilities are on strings.another The main raw material silicon wafer price increase is also a similar impact logic.However, the trend of the three in the market is large.Taking the Taobao as an example, the ecology may refer to microao, good goods, Taobao live and other business content construction and customer communication methods, plus Alipays payment channel – but China has only one Alipay And in this mature market, ecology is largely limited to the supporting service construction from themselves, because each platform wants to have their own moat.During the CITE exhibition, the development of the industry (information technology application innovation industry) The process has received attention.The later problem is out here.21 billion and Shopify of SHOPIFY at the time.Zhang Wei said to the reporter: “Next, Tongfangs share will adhere to the two technical routes of” Xinchuang + X86 “, in the development of the industry, will further expand the investment in the development of the market.Type Webox network set top box is the first product for network set top boxes, “underground system technology depth management Base. read more

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