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, and fully build a “Koi Tian Group.3, the continuous release of commercial media value.The advantage of Weibo is to meet the “more, fast, essence, establishing the attention and forwarding system with people-oriented ties, and introduce” the content of the “hot topic”, which is read, and it is spread.The red envelope has a lot of money this year, but this time I have to talk about some “routines.2: 10M broadband does not exclude 10M broadband, theoretically reach 1.had already passed out of the signal Words, Baidu, the new face of the two red envelopes, choosing a relatively expensive way, that is, with the Spring Festival Evening to reach a strategic cooperation, to “reach out of the ancient traffic, the olive branch of WeChat and Alipay is to pay, force Most of the biggest looks in the latter half of the consumption, the biggest look is finally on Weibo.In addition, some small operators are insufficient, the stability of the equipment purchased is poorly stabilized, resulting in the occurrence of normal drop in the event.Although it can reduce costs, the network cable is pulled to Beijing signal, and then these small equipment businessmen have not The permissions of cables on the ground, many are overhead lines, which are long and the links are prone to problems.- November 4, 2017, Yang Chao Yue used the lyrics in Weibo to use the lyrics in the” Mu “,” Created 101 ” Beyond the smooth entry of the hair, it is not easy to perform in “Creating 101” No.In order to adapt to the special scene during the Spring Festival, Weibo is in “Let the red envelopes flying on the mechanism of the participation, dont need to find the exclusive event page, the user can be in the personal home page, the microblogging information flow and other entrances can Easily find the koi red envelope, forward the Koi Weibo and pay attention to the blogger to participate in the event, but also set up a million cash prizes, beauty products, luxury goods, tickets, variety programs, etc.to the right is the media, Weibo has become an open platform in China.Do not believe? Forward this article, your winning probability will increase 1000 times.”The Township of KoiDuring the Spring Festival, it should not be just naked marketing, but also need platform to think about how to motivate users and friends and relatives, showing humanity.have been verified.However, the red envelope war during the Spring Festival is not a monk of Weibo. read more