A woman has been a three emperor, what kind ofomais Feng Tai-

In ancient China, in addition to Wu Zetian, there is also a woman may have been forgotten by people. Although she is more than Wu, but his life has experienced three emperors, it is also a legend. She is the Northern Wei Feng Tai. Interested readers and we will take a look!

She was born in a nobility family, but later his father didnt have any reason, it was killed by others, so the whole family also Just entered the scene of the decline, it also started to enter the palace from a small way.

But she has always been in the palace. Under the care of this aunt, she is not like a woman in other hometown, and she is more difficult, and later because of longer look, but also by the emperor Look, then she is only 12 years old, it is already a noble. read more

profit It is importanto be very considerable

On the evening of August 20, Fuji Russell announced the flagship index in the quarterly consideration of August 2020 .A shares as waterproof material leading shares, Oriental Yuhong since October 2018 rose over 9 times.China Merchants Securities Strategy Chief Zhangxia believes that the factors such as the epidemic, short-term game profit, is the main reason for the excessive flow of north to funds.Branch Chinese reporters noted that in this adjustment A shares, the newly included stocks are mainly distributed in electronics, computer, medical devices, pharmaceutical biology, machinery, electricity and other industries.In which a large-cap stocks, as Oriental Yuhong;two micro-cap stocks, respectively Yongguan new material, Shandong Molong.On the 20th, the Northern Fund will have a net effort to pay more than 10 million yuan.Lu Wenjie, the Belled Fund Investment Director, said that after the early in the early July, the recent policy has also been more concerned about this issue. read more