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    cut the seam allowance off of your pattern piece

    cozy slipper tutorial– part 2: making your slippers Hey! If you like these slippers, you might wanna clickhere, cause Im giving them away… I hope mypattern tutorialdidnt scare anyone away, because were about to get to the fun part. But first of all, a reminder: this tutorial is for personal (or charity– contact me on that one) use only. Wanna use my tutorial to make these for yourself? Your grandma/sister/b.f.f? Great! Wanna use my tutorial to make some to sell?Not cool. Also, Id be really flattered if you thought this tutorial was good enough to share. I love it when people link to me! Youre even welcome to borrow a…

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    Primary Resources

    Multiplication Tables Tricks (x2, x4, x8) x2DOC- x3DOC- x4DOC- x5DOC- x6DOC- x7DOC- x8DOC- x9DOC- x10DOC Times Tables (x2, 3, 4, 5, 10) Flashcards Star Maths: Tables and Square Roots Multiplication Crossword (x2, 5, 10) Times Table Challenge Generator (DLC) Times Tables Squares (Various Formats) Times Tables Races (x6-12 & master) Times Tables Levelled Practice Sheets Click herefor additional resources on multiples <a* for=”” p=”” plug-in.<=”” flash=”” the=”” of=”” versions=”” recent=”” more=”” with=”” or=”” load=”” to=”” program=”” allowed=”” been=”” not=”” has=”” time=”” sufficient=”” if=”” activity=”” maths=”” moon=”” playing=”” issues=”” experience=”” may=”” you=””></a*> read more

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    I guess

    the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max will have 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB variants.Throughout all of this, the burrito stayed put, with the fillings exactly where they should beIf you’Thank you for your laughter and bitter sour.The iPhone 12 and 12 Mini come in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB models;When they’re cold and firm, pop them out of their tins.After completing the point network, in the past another year, China has successively appeared Sina Light blog Qing, Neteases Lofter, Shanda Push him, Phoenix New Medias “Phoenix Express”, the light blog community of Renren.iPhone 12: Starts at $799 (AT&Light blog is between blogs and microblogging, it is a network service that does…

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    Refrigeration Apprentice

    Secure websites use HTTPS certificate Top-requested sites to log in to services provided by the state Top-requested sites to log in to services provided by the state This page, Refrigeration Apprentice, is This page, Refrigeration Apprentice, is Office of Public Safety and Inspections This license allows the holder to perform refrigeration work subject to inspection under any law, ordinance, by-law, rule or regulation under the direct supervision of a Refrigeration Technician or Refrigeration Contractor. read more

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    the amendment will change th39 to Articl43

    After all, the best product is the right way.Focus on the fields and technologies, can also use more time and effort to study how to reduce the threshold for industry and product applications and enhance AIs ability, such technology can make it more Accepted by users.It is also this move, really let everyone understand, artificial intelligence can bring us what kind of life.Baidu Ai has a relatively far-reaching meaning for Chinas artificial intelligence industry.At the same time, Baidu has also carried out a road to more than 200 VC investors and AI corporate representatives.At this years Baidu AI Conference, Li Yanhong sat into the five-way road of unmanned cars and…

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    -12306 incident- in the eyes of the dark clouds

    A vulnerability report of the ancestors: a large number of 12306 users in the Internet, including user accounts, plain text passwords, ID card mailbox, etc. (unknown of leakage), but interpretation of a vulnerability report that has not yet public details It is very unreliable. This thing 12306 has been informed, and the black cloud also provides evidence of the white hat discovery, so what is the situation of the official final reply together, and do not guess or even misleading. Since this vulnerability has not been publicly disclosed and officially handled, I dont talk about it today, talk about more 13W account sensitive data for two days. Once this data,…

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