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At this moment, a letter completely changed the fate of Zhu Yuanzhang.the emperor also knew the people in dire straits, he was the Chief busy day, trying to make people live and work, at this point, he is indeed a competent emperor.So he gave birth to a small number of times, after changing Zhangzhou, and established the base.Zhu Yuanzhangs ambition is gradually being placed flat, just wants to mix rice, and peace.Proposed at this time six days leave to go home, a direct result of the Zhu Yuanzhang suspicion, without regard for the sensibilities.Zhu Yuanzhang “tyrant” image may further mind, killing hero of Black History can not be erased.At this time, he had already had a history of Hongyi, and it can be satisfied with a long time.He is unstoppable when he fights, and has repeatedly served, and the general position is raised.Zhu Yuanzhangs smooth sailing, suffering a lot of peoples dissatisfaction, but unfortunately Zhu Yuanzhang is in the past, it is not the same as the small monk.This is a miracle that comes from when you play with your playmates.Even the temple also cant maintain normal life, Zhu Yuanzhang has helplessly runs around and lives.After the emperor as a changed man, who are all brothers suffer, which has been criticized by people behind.But it angered the emperors tired, over time began to alienate.Reflect with knowledge, which is closely related to the origin and character of the emperor, which also determines the future of his strange behavior.Zhu Yuanzhangs parents and brothers have passed away. read more

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