unless we learn how to avoid risks

In the face of the companys performance, ST Soling has made efforts in 2017.A friend who is a friend circle to induce sharing, and the officials of WeChat have been released, and the next time I use it for the second time.Under the influence of this message, ST Soling opened 4.In order to avoid being suspended, ST Soling actively sells inventory that has been prepared in 2019, the final company revised performance notice, and turned 7.6 billion in the third quarter of 2019.It is worth noting that as the local supplier of the largest semiconductor test machine in China, Huafeng measurement has attracted more than 270 institutional research.In addition, the Beijing Business Daily reported that the ST Soling was started to stage performance in 2018, “turned”, the company is expected to achieve the net profit of about 5 million to 2.ST Soling said that the credits of the acquisition assets formed by impairment tests, Shanghai Sanqi, Wuhan Yingka Goodu Expected accounting for approval of approximately 360 million yuan.It is expected to achieve a net profit of from -31 billion to 2260 million yuan.The industry believes that with Vietnam, Malaysia and other southeast Asian countries have deteriorated, it will bring severe challenges to the semiconductor supply chain.to induce users to pay attention to the public, and after paying attention, users can see the answer or content.The latest research report in Goldman Sachs shows that there are 169 industries around the world have been influenced by chip shortages.Recently, some merchants in the circle of merchants have induced sharing, induce interest, induce their attention, mainly: 1.Central consultation said that in the first quarter, under the promotion of domestic autonomous production, Chinas car chip, memory, 5G base station and panel driving IC and other packages have risen sharply, three major seal test manufacturers Long electric technology, Tongfu micro electricity And Tianshui Hua Tianchang rose year-on-year.The global chip shortage is very likely to intensify, but this situation also brings new opportunities to semiconductor companies.In 2018, in 2019, the company has revised the results of performance. read more