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    Harper Douglas

    one bound by legal agreement to an employer to learn a craft or trade, c. 1300, from Old Frenchsomeone learning (13c., Modern French, taking the older form as a plural), also as an adjective, unskilled, inexperienced, fromto learn; to teach (Modern Frenchtake hold of, grasp mentally or physically, in Medieval Latin to learn (seeapprehend). Shortened form to bind to a master for instruction in his craft, 1630s, fromapprentice(n.). Related:Apprenticed;apprenticing. late 14c., grasp with the senses or mind; early 15c. as grasp, take hold of physically, from Latinapprehendereto take hold of, grasp, fromadto (seead-) +prehendereto seize (fromprae-before; seepre-+-hendere, from PIE root*ghend-to seize, take). Often to hold in opinion but without positive…

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    Large Format Printers + Printer/Cuts

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