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Precision Steps, in the coordinated development of industrial chain.In May this year, the “2019 World Semiconductor Conference” was held in Nanjing.have been accelerated, and it has become a strong engine that drives new district integrated circuit industries.I thought about this sad reminder, I know you, you dont know me, how can I pay for me? I want to mind, and finally, I will borrow money to give Ding Lei.Open bridge to promote productionIndustry innovation and development globalization.Scholar Garden relies on the company, Xinsi Technology and other enterprises, the provincial industrial research institute, the Sino-German Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute and other platforms, collecting 69 sets of circuit enterprises, including 33 IC design, 2018 accumulated implementation The main business income is 3.In the past four years, the new district has experienced “internal strength”, continuous breakthrough, use new concept, new ideas to lead the development, forming unique industrial temperament, through the cultivation of “international competitiveness” service system, building international influence “Integrated Circuit Industry Base.Nanjing Software Park rely on the National Deal Integrated Circuit System Engineering Technology Research Center, ICISC (Nanjing Integrated Circuit Industry Service Center) National “Core Fire Double Creative Base”, in the sense of micro, long peak space, Jingmen Technology, Huada nine days, crown The famous enterprises such as group and Xiying photoelectronics are leading 92 sets of circuit enterprises, of which IC38 design categories, 2018 accumulated completion of the integrated circuit industry income of 4.At the same time, Jiangbei New District promoted high-level innovation technology projects.In the past four years, Jiangbei New District construction platform, excellent environment, aggregate, and ecological, and has come out of a high-quality development of “core” road.Improve the industrial layout, “detonate” functional plate boost.Micro-enterprise micro letter published an open letter ecological strategy.In order to solve the “matching” problem, Jiangbei New District actively constructs a modern industrial and innovative service system, focusing human residential environment, industrial carrier, policy support, financial environment, technological innovation, public technology, system application, etc.September monthly active users aged (55-70 years old) amounting to 50 million.Nowadays, under the superimposed advancement of the long triangle integration, “a belt all the way”, the Yangtze River economic band, this planned area of ??788 square kilometers is full of development imagination.After practicing “internal strength”, the “core” road is solid “core” 2016, the worlds leading semiconductor production enterprises in the Nanjing Jiangbei New Area, investing a new plant of US $ 3 billion, driving a large number of upstream and downstream enterprises.

It turns out that this is not on Hill is the pillar between the heavens and the earth, and the Tianzhu is broken, which makes the rope of the land have also collapsed, and only the earth will collapse the southeast direction.@WRSHINE: Knowledge paying can only meet the psychology of the knowledge I want to learn, cant make you more love;I have a webmaster.@ 有 晚 风: Fitness class This kind of thing, unless you spend a big price, please strictly supervise private education, hundreds of thousands of dollar fitness cards, no self-cultivation is really a waste.He used this as a reason to make God angryFrom, it is opposed to the coexistence of his plan.What kind of knowledge payment items have you participated in the era of knowledge economy? What pit is there? What benefited? @ 月 小 小 星: The big head is a network reading, these ten years may also have a small 10,000, the other is a network course, such as time management, self-recognizing interpersonal relationship, then the movie, then there are some video sites member.if you do not, it is pulled and beat crossroads.Finally, I will give up the privilege support for the AMP favor of co-workers Zhuanxu units practice.@ 带 带 的 文:: Knowledge Economic Age, knowledge payment is a means, changing our learning methods and lifestyle.Related reading: Google announced Baidu, Sogou, Yahoo Japanese search results will support Google to launch mobile webpage project AMP: Open web speed faster forAcceleration webpage loading Google tries to make AMP standardization to apply AMP tools, developers want to “block” Google!Gong Gongs human after Shen Nong, we have made a contribution to the development of agricultural production.At that time, humans mainly engaged in agricultural production, water use is essential.The child told the child, indicating that our ancestors did not know how to explain a variety of natural phenomena, do not understand and master the law, so it is so weak in front of nature, so it will return all kinds of doubts.

Huang Feng King wants to see mosquito is Sun Wukong, it is impossible, he is to ask Sun Wukong to please Wenshu.Journey to the West 21st, Sun Wukong and Huang Feng Dawang, after the weapon did not have a cheap, Sun Wukong used his most proud of Dafa, and hundreds of Sun Wukong came to the Huang Feng Dawang.The dawn of the yellow wind is not good, and the wind blows the monkeys of Sun Wukong to the sky.Even if there is an untrustworthiness, there will be a ridicule, how can it, how can it be doubted on the way to the bus? Lift the high skull, show up the long neck, and gently said that it doesnt matter.I cried in that night.But the yellow wind king did not do this, this is why? Lets find answers from the original.But the mother said, “I have long known you to resign, as long as you dont regret, my mother will support you .It is now 4 oclock in the morning, and Xiaobai said that WeChat release is 22 days 04 hours.The yellow-style king actually turned his way, leaving a face of Sun Wukong, let the pig eight rings rescue Sun Wukong.To say that the green lion is fine, I dont know that the flies are Sun Wukong, because people are large cats.This time, Sun Wukong is not light, and the yellow wind king actually retransmate.And it seems that Sun Wukong is completely uncomfortable by the Huangfeng King!Huang Feng Dawei:” I am afraid what he is, I am afraid that I am a soldier!Then heard a demon and the king of the yellow wind.

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