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On the top, the turtles are just enjoying freedom.



The tiny replicas of turtles are in a frenzy to enter the sea water.

Gourds from their garden and turtle shell were used for ceremonial rattles.

The turtle deck and engine cowling are made from fibreglass.

Another common cause of death is the trapping of the turtles under crabbing and lobster nets.

As a result many turtles head off in the wrong direction and can die from starvation and dehydration.

«turtle catch» –

He cleaned out junk found in the river, rescued a

in a fishing line and removed a hook stuck in a fishs mouth.

in fishing nets were sold to poachers.

This is a wicked bad idea — rescinding protections for threatened and endangered sea

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numbers have fallen by the same amount.

increased 11.5 per cent, from $260 to $290, mostly due to increased grain prices that pushed up feed costs.

traditionally fed on seeds from cornfield wild flowers, many of which have disappeared from crop fields that are now sprayed heavily with herbicides.

Julia also talked about the effects of nest-caging on the survival of

Sounds like a lot, but alas, predators eat ninety percent of

They are threatened by various factors such as the loss of nesting and feeding habitats, sale and consumption of

, pollution, and coastal development.

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