7 Best Office Chairs That You Can SiCross-Legged In

To get the most out of your office chairs

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7 Best Office Chairs That You Can Sit Cross-Legged In

If youre reading this article, you are probably one of the many people who prefer to sit with their legs crossed. Maybe you do it because its more comfortable for you, or because of the benefits, you can get from this position.

Sitting with your legs crossed can improve your blood circulation, open up your hip joints, strengthen your legs, and help improve your posture.

If you want to take these benefits to your workplace, it would be a good idea to get yourself an office chair that you can sit comfortably cross-legged on.

This is why we came up with a list of 6 of the best office chairs forcross-legged sitting.

Some of these chairs are specifically designed for cross-legged sitting, and others are just regular chairs that you can comfortably sit cross-legged on.

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Alexia Meditation Seat Ergonomically Correct for The Human Physiology Zen Yoga Chair (Latte, Genuine…

Pipersong Meditation Chair, Home Office Desk Chair, Cross Legged Chair with Back Support and…

Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Big & Tall 400 lb. Rated Black LeatherSoft Executive Ergonomic…

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What To Look For In Cross Legged Sitting Chairs

Top 7 Office Chairs for Cross Legged Sitting

3. Flash Furniture HERCULES Executive Office Chair

What To Look For In Cross Legged Sitting Chairs

If youre getting yourself a regular office chair, but you want to make sure youll be comfortable sitting on it cross-legged, there are a couple of things you should consider.

When you sit with your legs crossed, your knees will be pointing outward. This makes it difficult to sit on a chair with armrests.

So when youre out picking an office chair for your cross-legged sitting, make sure you get one that either doesnt have armrests or has smaller armrests that wont touch your knees.

The base of your seat should be large and padded to accommodate your legs. Get an office chair that has a wider seat base.

If you get a smaller seat, your knees will hang from the chair, which might not be very comfortable.

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Top 7 Office Chairs for Cross Legged Sitting

Pipersong Meditation Chair, Home Office Desk Chair, Cross Legged Chair with Back Support and…

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The Pipersong Meditation Chair gives a 50s design to your office workspace. Not only does it look so unique compared to office chairs, but its also in an ivory color that reminds us of white bar stools in diners.

Based on the design, the Pipersong Meditation Chair is clearly made for those who love sitting in a cross-legged position. It has a movable leg stool that you can easily move to the side when you dont plan to sit cross-legged.

Both stools use heavy-duty casters which make both easy to move around your office space. However, the chair does weigh heavier than other office chairs at 26 lbs.

In photos, the Pipersong Meditation Chair looks large. Sure, the design will take up a lot of space, but its not necessarily for large people.

In fact, Pipersong recommends this chair for people who are within the 51 to 61 heights and below 200-lb weights. The seat itself is a little too small for people who prefer to just sit on the stool.

As an office chair for sitting cross-legged, this is a great option. The extra leg stool definitely allows you to curl up and fold your legs.

However, this chair isnt ergonomic. Despite Pipersong mentioning lumbar support, the backrest isnt just designed to give that.

For shorter people, the backrest will be up in the mid-section of your back. And you cant tilt nor adjust the height of the backrest.

Moreover, the seat padding is too hard. After long hours of sitting, your buttocks will hurt because of the lack of a softer cushion.

So if youre buying this, my suggestion is to supplement the chair with an additional seat cushion. This way, your muscles wont hurt and it adds to the overall comfort of the stool.

The ergoCentric Leg Rest lets you work in a more relaxed position that provides elevated support for the legs

Memory foam cushion with two elevation curves provides soft, pressure-dispersing resting surface

Ring-type height adjustment and 360 swiveling base allows for easy repositioning

The ergoCentric Leg Rest may not be an actual seat for sitting cross-legged in, but its definitely a great option for those who are looking for additional seat space that can double as a footrest.

If you ask me, the ergoCentric Leg Rest is more of a footrest (just as the name suggests) than a seat. Its best used to support your legs when you want to rest from work.

As a footrest, its a great product. It uses memory foam and has a width of 21 inches so theres more than enough space for you to rest and move your legs a bit.

The memory foam is on another level of comfort. It has two raised areas to increase the level of comfort and support for your legs.

This footrest is also very sturdy. Although it uses nylon casters, the overall built of this product is durable and can last you a long time.

As a seat for sitting cross-legged in, however, we dont recommend this to be suitable. For one thing, the width is only 21 inches and if youre of normal weight and build, this is too small for you to cross your legs on.

Moreover, the memory foams elevated parts can be detrimental to make the seat more ideal for sitting. It wasnt made to be sat on with our legs on it, after all.

If you want to really use this as a seat, you could try placing it near your office chair. This way, the footrest acts as additional space for you to put your legs on.

But let me warn you, the footrest has wheels and there is no locking mechanism. So if youre going to sit on the two seats, make sure these seats wont be separated from each other to prevent you from falling.

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Maybe improving your posture isnt your main concern. Perhaps you just want a regular office chair that makes it comfortable for you to sit cross-legged on.

If so, you might want to consider the Hercules Executive Chair from Flash Furniture.

This chair is not specifically designed for cross-legged sitting but the large size and soft paddings make it a great option.

The 29-inch wide seat gives you plenty of space to comfortably cross your legs. The soft cushion will also make it possible to sit in this position for many hours.

The Hercules Executive Chair doesnt come with armrests. This is great for cross-legged sitting because armrests usually get in the way of your knees.

There are no instructions for how to sit on this large and comfy chair. Just get on it and make yourself comfortable.

What sets this chair apart from other office chairs is the LeatherSoft upholstery. Not only is it very soft to the touch (softer than real leather), but it also looks amazing. It is also more affordable than real leather.

It is also very durable. This particular chair is designed to carry more weight than the average office chair. It can handle over 400 pounds of weight without getting damaged.

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Ergonomic design promotes posture and comfort

Supports lower back, ischium, knees, instep and feet

Helps ease tension and reduce stress on hips

Are you looking for a seat that you can easily throw in the backseat of your car and take with you wherever you go?

If that sounds like something you need, consider purchasing the Alexia Meditation Seat.

This seat is portable because it doesnt come with legs, a stand, or a wheelbase. It is a one-piece cushion seat that is lightweight but sturdy enough to hold your bodyweight.

The Alexia Meditation Seat is also versatile. You can use iton the floor to meditate or set it on top of a higher platform in front of your dining table or desk.

You can even place it on top of a stripped-down office chair and enjoy a comfortable sukhasana position while you work.

The cushions on this seat support your lower back, ischium, knees, instep, and your feet. It raises your hips and gives them a forward angle to force you to sit up straight.

The design also allows your legs to fold underneath you without adding pressure from your body weight.

You can get this seat in black, white, brown, dove, sand, sky blue, green, latte, purple, red, dark grey, light grey, and orange. And you can choose between genuine leather, fabric, leatherette, and vegan leather exterior materials.

The Xialiuxia Office Chair not only lets you sit cross-legged, but it also allows you to sit in different ergonomic positions.

This is the perfect chair for someone who doesnt want to stick to a single alternative sitting position but wants to mix things up once in a while.

The Xialiuxia Office Chair is best for cross-legged sitting, kneeling, and squat position. You can adjust the chair to accommodate certain positions better.

The chair has two main components attached by a wooden frame. You have the seat itself and the leg/footrest.

The seat and the leg rest are covered in cotton linen, high-density sponge cushioning that will keep you comfortable for many hours.

The height of the chair can be adjusted by turning a nut inside the wooden frame. It is adjustable to up to 4 inches.

One thing we love about this chair is its modern design. The combination of wood and brown cotton linen makes it simplistic but class.

The only thing were not happy about this chair is its flimsy plastic casters. Theyre not bothersome if you keep the chair in one place. It is only when you try sliding it around that youll notice the issue.

Read this articleif you have hardwood floors at home and dont want them damaged by these plastic casters.

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If youre on a budget and you want a simple chair without any bells and whistles, the OMF Armless Desk Chair will be perfect for you.

This chair is simple and affordable. It also allows you to sit cross-legged very comfortably.

This is thanks to the wide 22.75-inch seat. This wider seat gives you more room to rest your crossed legs while you sit.

It also doesnt come with armrests so theres nothing that will get in the way of your knees while you sit to work.

Everything else on this office chair is pretty standard, from the cushioning and upholstery to the pneumatic gas lift and plastic caster base.

Because this office chair is so affordable, youll get to save enough money to buy yourself additional items to maximize comfort. You can get seat cushions, aneck pillow, etc.

The last chair on our list is the Soul Seat office chair. This chair is great for people who are suffering from bad posture and need an office chair that will radically improve their posture.

Many times, sitting down cross-legged on a regular office chair just wont cut it. You may need a chair that is specifically designed for cross-legged sitting so youre not tempted to go back to your normal way of sitting.

When you first look at this chair, youll immediately notice that it isnt like a regular office chair. Instead of a seat with a backrest and armrests, this chair has a lower platform and a small perch.

The lower platform has an irregular shape that looks quite odd. The shape is designed to comfortably accommodate your crossed legs.

It measures 25 inches wide so there is plenty of legroom for you to enjoy. It is also well-cushioned for extra comfort. You can adjust the height of the chair from 15 to 20 inches high.

At the center of the chair is a small perch. It can be raised up to 8 inches from the lower platform. The perch is also well padded so you can sit on it without any discomfort.

Thecorrect way to use this chair would be to sit on the perchand rest your crossed legs on the lower platform. If you are not comfortable, you may adjust the height of the perch until you find a position that is perfect for you.

One thing we really like about this chair is the high-quality build and the materials used.

The materials for the seat are made from Primera fabrics and wool fabrics. This makes your seat durable and very comfortable. It can stand the test of time with constant use.

This office chair also comes witha class 4 gas cylinderwith a capacity of over 350 pounds.

The only downside here is that it comes with a heavy price tag. It is almost three times the price of a standard office chair.

But if youre willing to spend that kind of money, youre also going to reap many rewards from this Soul Seat office chair.

Alexia Meditation Seat Ergonomically Correct for The Human Physiology Zen Yoga Chair (Latte, Genuine…

Pipersong Meditation Chair, Home Office Desk Chair, Cross Legged Chair with Back Support and…

Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Big & Tall 400 lb. Rated Black LeatherSoft Executive Ergonomic…

Alexia Meditation Seat Ergonomically Correct for The Human Physiology Zen Yoga Chair (Latte, Genuine…

Pipersong Meditation Chair, Home Office Desk Chair, Cross Legged Chair with Back Support and…

Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Big & Tall 400 lb. Rated Black LeatherSoft Executive Ergonomic…

If youre someone who likes to sit with your legs crossed while working, its a good idea to get yourself a chair that will let you do that comfortably.

Searching for the perfect chair to use for cross-legged sitting can be a daunting task. This is why we put together our list of best office chairs for cross-legged sitting.

We hope you enjoyed reading and that you found one chair that will work best for you.

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