guide the public to actively participan food safety supervision

Perhaps because it is too sad, maybe because the age is bigger, so Liaohua is dying in 264 AD.We often hear the names of Qinglong, Suzaku, White Tiger, Xuanwu in many novels, film and television and games.First, the four major gods generally believe that Qinglong is headed by the god of the East.In the Oriental Legend, Qinglongs appearance is the unicorn, snake, squid, and faces with long must, antlers, and five claws in the body, the appearance of mighty, in ancient times.Spring Festival, New Years Day, Christmas, Valentines Day, etc.When you are idle, you can upload the nine pictures.In this regard, in the eyes of the author, in the face of Liaohua talents, Zhuge Liang is naturally ten instrument.1, make a mission earned a leisure fish coin every day.After the Liu Beis army surrounded Chengdu, Liu Wei sent Zhang Xian to meet Liu Bei, Liu Bei promised him to treat Liu Wei with the ceremony and appease Liu Wei, and Zhang Welcome to Chengdu, open the city welcomed Liu Bei.However, for Zhang Xi, in the way to Yizhou County, he was sent to Wu Guosuns rights by Yizhou people.After years of listening, it has been repaired.In the six years (263) August, the Sima Zhao Xing soldiers who master Cao Weis power attacked the Han Han, which is the famous Wei Yan.3, picturesSymbolism.Because the county has achieved a good results, Zhang Xue has returned to Yizhou Government to serve as Yizhou, and Ive been engaged in Sima.I will share it here today, pay attention to me, continue to bring you idle fish to the goods.For Liaohua, the official position and Zhang Wing have, and the army of the town army is prepared.It is certainly more powerful.Everyone knows that this is the four big gods in China, but many people have the origin of these beasts.1) Powder stat.

I slowly think along the way, I feel that I have a meal, there is a need for the system to learn, and this company is suitable for me.The destruction of the North Army, the independence of the South Army, the surrender of the Central Army, just like telling us, the Qin Dynasty gradually fell, this giant is no longer powerful.The cleaning channel is very soon, GL let me follow the moving, it seems to have thousands of pages.Mainly GL and security, they were brought to the interrogation room, the police made them reconcile, and the recovery could not detain for 15 days respectively.At 8 oclock, the refresh was wrong, 58 starts prompting to enter the verification code.There are many inconsistencies in the results of the interview, and the views of supervisors and various telephone sales are extremely uniform.I have to compete for the number of competitions, and I have found that the data they provide has been mistaken, and it is always 25 more than one month., and Qin other difference is that the southern army was not involved in the late Qin and civil strife, but by force in the founding of Baiyue.I have experienced a tragedy, always cant hit;In February 2018, I was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months in prison, and Li Yuxi immediately released for nearly one year.

since February 18, 1000 in the card index has risen 2.34 points.96 percent over the same period the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index fell 3.The relatively low reasons why the above company score is mainly reflected in the “Single Speed” “proposed scheme speed” slower, “self-improvement” is low.23, index past does not represent future)aspects of the summary view, the main non-ferrous metal catalyst that is more powerful:Ali Cloud ECS continues to provide innovative servers, solve multiple business needs and help your business development.At the same time, Jingdong also jointly promotes sustainable development in consumers and partners.During this year, the “May 1” period has been fully released, and the high-quality development of the tourism industry is particularly important.The other method is relatively active and can take the initiative to pay attention to the relevant index funds.

Not only “human identity and behavior recognition, Yado” AI +The bright cook solution can also accurately identify kitchen mice and track trajectory.Smart regulatory big data visualization platform can access campus, gazette canteen and backpric video monitoring data, AI alarm data, implement 3D map visualization Regulatory command, epidemic prevention and control geospatial visualization, video surveillance and visualization, promotion of local schools and dating units to canteens and backpric intelligence, standardization, precision, joint supervision.Yadang people face recognition temperature morning inspection machine can smart recognition chef qualification Identity, health monitoring, perfect chef attendance management and stranger intrusion into early warning management;High-precision AI behavior recognition algorithm mouse detection and trajectory trackingAt the near future, Yandu “gathering, win-win, New Intelligent Partner Conference, Yados AI Behavior Recognition Scenery Products -” Ai + Bright Kitchen Solutions for the first time., quickly realize the food supply, production, processing process of catering service units quickly With wisdom, improve the overall perception of food safety risks.AI Intelligent Gateway built-in Araby independently developed behavior identification Algorithm, you can automatically discriminate, recording, marking and warning for automatic discrimination, recording, marking and early warning of rear kitchen, chef hat, mask, smoking, etc.The full range of products is constructed by the Yadi-style face recognition temperature “morning inspection machine, AI intelligent gateway, wisdom supervision big data visualization platform, etc.As an important part of Yoshist Ai multi-mode biological identification technology, the food and beverage industry supervision and the backfood safety scene, the program actively responded to the General Administration of Market Supervision and Administration, the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Public Security, The National Health and Health Committee jointly issued the “Campus Food Safety Program (2020-12022)” “Internet + Kitchen Bright Stove Engineering”, providing the overall wisdom food safety supervision solution based on AI behavioral identification and big data analysis technologyVisualization platform supervision real-time risk monitoring and controlThe whole process, guide the public to actively participate in food safety supervision, multi-party supervision, and ensure food safety!AI intelligent gateway can quickly access the original construction system, complete the front-end access coordination within 15 minutes., through AI temperature measurement + face recognition + mask identification + Chef Urban Cap Recognition + Behavior Identification + Mice Identification and other AI multi-mode biometric and large data analysis visualization technology, “accurate identification, full-time AI supervision, real-time risk management” sun kitchen smart regulatory model, help each unit is effective Improve food safety supervision capacity and governance level.The solution introduces AI intelligent inspection and regulatory technology, achieving 24h full-time period, 80,000 AI inspections per day, is 3000 times the efficacy of artificial inspection.infrared temperature measurement can measure chef body temperature, help epidemic prevention and control;Yado ai behavior recognition algorithm Rapid iterations in two weeks.The program is driven by AI multimode biological identification technology, promoting the modernization, informationization and intelligence of food safety, which not only enriches the supervision method of regulators, and improves the efficiency of daily supervision, but also allows consumers to see food processing in real time.Once the rat appeared in the kitchen, the camera will capture and alarm, alarm data will be presented on visual monitoring platform, to achieve evidence gathering, early warning, regulatory intervention synchronization.

com is sold in large five-digit price, and WHOIS shows that buyers are Momai bikes.Stay away from your family, over your youth, they are the coat of this city, but actually the bottom of this city.To understand more domain trading information, please visit the A5 transaction:Drinking coffee, full of Case, Team, Campaign, a five-star hotel, attending various conferences, listening to the jurisdiction.It is reported that the Moyou bicycle industry takes the lead in comprehensive use of “Beidou + GPS + Glolinas Demoly Satellite Positioning and Moving Internet Network, Let Moyai Big Data Platform” Rubiks Cube can analyze the distribution and operation of regional vehicles in real time.The IOT in domain moiot.Send a circle of friends every day to show your life, and the soft welfare created by the company makes them practic.

FT-2000 + / 64 processors and FT-1500A / 16 processors complete strict compatibility mutual certification.China Telecom pointed out that Wang Guofe has confirmed that there is no different opinions with the board of directors, and there is no matter what to tell the company.In this process, the development of information technology with independent intellectual property rights, pulling the maturity and landing of domestic IT technology and products, and is essential for the national construction safety and reliable information technology system.According to reports, testing around operating systems and software and hardware environments, safety performance, and compatibility.They said that after encountering “five”, they understand that they have used many Internet products before they are in China Branch campus,” five, “the posters and roll up attracted a lot of students stop onlookers, and even some huakeThe teacher came to ask our staff asking the “five” product details and design concepts.With the rapid development and application of cloud computing, big data, 5G and other technologies, the new generation of information wave sweeps all walks of life, and the digital transformation is pushed.Under the guidance of the staff, many classmates and teachers experience the “five” products at the scene.[About five]The person in charge of Zhixiang Technology said that the company has been committed to addressing data security and business risk problems and challenges in digital transformation of government-enterprises.At this point, Zhixiang Technologys full line of products can support Feiteng processors, both parties will build a more reliable domestic hardware and software environment for political and enterprises.and the leaders of the Group.Free to work for others.[Idea: Common Wealth]0 two products respectively and Tianjin Feiteng Information Technology Co.Zhixiangs until the security desktop cloud system and the smart host security response system have complete countrys independent intellectual property rights, and in the advantages of industry advantage in the innovation and leadership of technology.In the future, Zhixiang Technology continues to expand its domestic mutual certification ecological layout, and further deepen cooperation with excellent domesticated IT manufacturers such as Kirin, Feitun, give full play to the respective advantages, for political and legal, military, financial, energy, high-tech and other extensive industries The field is better to provide a full range of data and business security support, which is a localized environment for the development of security and efficiency in political and high efficiency.

After Dong Zhuo arrived, he saved the Han Emperor who had just slammed into the mountain, and then took the soldiers to escort the emperor back to Beijing.Soon, a lot of discussion of the discussion of the Union, because the members of the discussion of the discussion, the vast majority of all the officials in the East of the Valley, so it is called the Kandong Alliance.After Li Yan died, Guo had helped his son Li pillow.Therefore, after breaking Changan, the Liangzhou Army was robbed the entire Changan City, and the people were injured and wounded.Li Wei and Guo Wei, headed by the Liangzhou, from the beginning of the beginning of Changan, probably maintained more than two years.After the establishment, the performance is not ideal will encounter funds redemption, and after the next, there are many foreign funds to enter the debt.In this way, there are more two times, one is Li Yuns mother, one is the mother of Tang Jingzong.So Han Dynasty led the residual civil and military, and wanted to return to Luoyang.Middle and Lang will be, it is some power care school, Li Wei, Guo Wei and others, namely.Bonds for 45%In the previous battle, it couldnt live.As for Lu Bu? The personal brave is okay, but he is alone, is there a hundred thousand cool guard?President believes that the existence of inefficient funds is unnecessary for the energy of the funds and fund managers.As for Li Wei and Guo Wei, after such a hauble, it thoroughly showed their incompetence., the power of the two reached the vertices and controlled the entire Guanzhong area.Among these foreign aid, the strong strength is the most powerful.The grandfather of Guo is Guo Ziyi, the famous Tang Dynasty, her mother is a princess.People who read Qingping music, I know Liu Wei is a compassion.

As the first military command in the Three Kingdoms, Lu Bu also had his proud.As for the side of Lu Bu to master, it is natural to take over.The title of Lu Bu “three surnamed family slaves” began to spread, then what is the cause, this leads to Lu Bu, Dong Zhuo started? Interested readers can look down with our Xiaobian.It is actually not, because in history, there is no 蝉, 蝉 is the virtual person from the future art process.summit by the “Market Watch” SASAC magazine, Banyuetan culture media center, China reform newspaper, the State Information Center, “the financial sector,” the magazine, “found brand” column group and other units co-sponsored.Trading point is the worlds first third-party Internet + shared QC product control and traceable anti-counterfeiting platform, Use block chains, big data, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technology to provide inspection, inspection factories, supervisors, quality problems, solving and source control of the source anti-counterfeiting Station solutions are designed to help global trading companies improve quality, combat counterfeit, reduce costs, improve efficiency, reduce risks, improve control, improve trust, expand sales, and promote global trade health development.”China share economic development report” booklet prepared by the national development and Reform organization, Peoples Publishing House published.Former Vice Minister of the International Department Marvin & PAlso, little trade overseas users spread across more than 70 countries worldwide, including more “area all the way along the country, domestic users all over the country 34 provinces.Related reading: The immediate search of the immediate search for the immediate search saying that there are those things instantlyUndoubtedly, with the domestic vigorous consumption upgrade, the Chinese market has become the best market for high-end QC little bit about the first global network business model, third-party service providers in global trade security quality control and traceability the platform brought together more than 60,000 audited certification of professional QC, and the numbers are growing, providing industry-wide 26 categories of quality control and traceability solutions for the security, range of services in more than 2000 cities and counties.Second, Dong Zhuo did not give Lu Bu too much power.He is obviously a military, but he is called by Dingyuan as a secretary.Time, long Lu Bu naturally will dissatisfaction with Dong Zhuo.In another report, it is suggested that LG Display can at least around these sanctions and count their in Chinas Guangzhou OLED TV factory – although the third quarter of 2019 is officially put into production.After all, as Dong Zhuos personal bodyguard, Lu Bu is free to enter and out of the palace of Dong Zhuo.For the manufacturing industry from “China Manufacturing” China Zhizhu, Final Realization “, Chinas quality, Chinas quality, Chinas quality chain transformation, upgrade, leading the industry change.

” “Chinese folk story is the story of Meng Jiangu”: “The four seas dragon king is really anxious, and the Crystal Palace is shaken, full of courts, and quickly dispatch the patrol evening fork.I will sit.2, affecting the store operation.Below our small series brings a detailed introduction, lets take a look!In Taobao, “Implementation Rules for Implementation of Except for Implementation:Or or similar to the original brand.Mububen: # 例 行 # A man and a woman goes late at work at the same time, and the male was buckled, and the woman was safe.1,” The product or information released by the seller includes, but is not limited to, product information, shop name, domain name, etc.Indian myths have a little little god that masters the sun run trajectory.At night fork is a hopes, seeing water is red, the light is brilliant, only a child will be Red Lapa Take a shower.The night-cross image has changed, sometimes described as a rapid, terrible warrior, sometimes described as a gnome drooping in the abdomen.1, deduction, according to the severity of the plot, deduction processing, will be punished for a penalty of 2000 to 6000.”Vimmus” Cloud: “Heavy Tiantian: Dragon, Night Front, Dry Po, Ashura, Crown Luo, Ti Na Luo, Mo睺a, etc.Amazing soul, anxious to go;[Hideous, Ferocious Person]: a metaphor of ugly, fierce man.The male staff is very uncomfortable, running to ask female staff: “I am late, because I have been sleeping, you are too late, why didnt you punish?” “I have slept.In the case of the hole, there is a peek, there is a night-fork second, the dentonity, the flash double light, the claws, and food.The translation of Sanskrit.