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contains a variety ofCostumesthatBatmancan equip in his adventures throughout the game. Certain suits are obtained by playing and completing the Main Story, while other costumes can be obtained via DLC, or console and retailer specific preorders.

To Equip these Costumes, access the Showcase gallery from the games main menu and select the desired skin and choose set active.

TheBatsuit V7.43is the suit Batman has worn since the events of Arkham City, and is wearing it in the beginning of the game. Until Batman aquires his new suit, he will be unable to preform Fear Takedowns or eject into a glide from thebatmobile.

TheBatsuit V8.03is the suit Batman acquires very early on in the game. Its new armory system allows for more fluid movement, and can interface with theBatmobilemore easily. It will also show wear and tear as the story progresses.

TheBatsuit V8.04is identical to the v8.03 suit in every way, with the added bonus of being in pristine condition, and never degrading with any wear or tear. In essence, it is the suit you acquire early on, without the battle damage.

This special suit looks much like the v8.04 suit, with the inclusion of a gold bat symbol.

Obtained: This Batsuit can ONLY be obtained by getting a full 240% clear rate on your save file – which includes 100%ing both New Game, New Game+, and all DLC stories.

The New 52 costume is based off more recent DC comics, and also comes with new costumes for bothRobinandNightwing. As of now the pack was only available for those purchasing the Limited Edition of Batman:Arkham Knight, but is now downloadable for those with the season pass.

The 1989 Batsuit takes its inspiration from the Tim Burton film Batman (As well as some changes that appeared in the 1992 sequel, Batman Returns) the skin comes bundled with the batmobile from the same origins, and new race tracks inspired by the films.

The Flashpoint costume is a reference to the Flashpoint series of comics where Thomas Wayne has taken on the mantle of Batman, instead of Bruce (and is a much more ruthless Batman to boot). This skin is the first costume available to those who purchase the Season Pass DLC.

TheAnime Batman Skincomes from the Batman: Gotham Knight series. To download, select the WBPlay from the start menu and log in to obtain the costume.

The wierdly dressedZur En Arrh Batman Skincomes from the alternate version of Batman seen in several comics. Batman of Zur-En-Arrh is in fact a backup personality of Bruce Waynes – to be used in cases of extreme psychological trauma. This version of Batman is a lot more psychotic, and sees visions of a creature called Bat-Mite, among other apparations.

The 1970s Batman Skin is a classic look on the Batman comics of old, featuring Batman with his traditional yellow and bacl bat-symbol, and contrasting blue and grey color scheme.

TheArkham Origins Batman Skinis a callback to the last Batman Arkham game, a prequel developed by the Warner Bros. dev team, instead of Rocksteady.

Perhaps one of the most familiar costumes in Batmans history, the Iconic Grey & Black Batman Skin takes its cue from many of the batman comics design, removing the yellow circle and keeping the gold utility belt against the contrasting black and grey color scheme.

The 1st Appearance skin is based on the very first costume Batman wore in his debut Detective Comics, and features purple gloves and much longer ears. It is currently exclusive only to those who bought the Serious Edition of the game, but will likely be made available to others in the future.

The Dark Knight Returns costume is adapted from Frank Millers well known interpretation in comic form, making Batman appear bulkier than he normally is. It was initially available to PC users bundled with theBatman Beyond Skin, and is now available seperatley as DLC.

TheBatman Beyond skinis based off the animated series taking place after the events of Batman The Animated Series, but has a Rocksteady flair to the design. It was initially available to PC users bundled with the Dark Knight Returns Skin, and is now available seperatley as DLC.

The suit that started the series, theOriginal Arkham Batman Skinis made in homage to the suit worn during Batman: Arkham Asylum, the first of the Arkham series of games.

The movie might not be here yet, but the costume is ready to go. The2016 Batman v Superman Batman skinis modeled off the upcoming DC Comics film, where Batman (looking similar to his Dark Knight Returns costume) is played by Ben Affleck.

TheClassic Series Batman Skinis Rocksteadys take on Adam Wests costume from the 1960s tv show. Currently, it was only available to PS4 owners, but is now available to all.

TheJustice League 3000 Batman Skintakes its inspiration from the New 52 comic series, taking place in the 31st century. Like the Adam West skin, its only available to PS4 users at the moment.

TheBatman Earth 2 skinwas made available to certain E3 theatrical event attendees through a voucher code.

The New 52 costume is based off more recent DC comics, and also comes with new costumes for both Batman andNightwing. As of now the pack was only available for those purchasing the Limited Edition of Batman: Arkham Knight, but is now downloadable for those with the season pass.

As the name suggests theOne Year Later Robin Skinis based on the depiction of Robin in the comic series following the events of the Infinite Crisis storyline – titled 1 Year Later.

TheOriginal Tim Drake Robin Skintakes its inspiration from the most popular interpretation of the third Robin, and of Robins costume in general – featuring the green leggings and gloves against the red vest with a gold belt.

TheClassic TV Series Robin Skin, as the name implies, is an homage to the Robin of yore that appeared in many of the classic TV shows and movie, played by Burt Ward.

TheNew 52 Nightwing Skinis an homage to the current New 52 comic series, with a modern take on Nightwings classic design, swapping red for his traditional blue.

TheOriginal Arkham Nightwing Skindiffers slightly from his Arkham Knight pallete, as it embodies his look from the previous Rocksteady game, Batman: Arkham Knight, in which he was a DLC character.

The 1990sCatwomanSkin is based upon Catwomans breakout comic series that started in 1993, where she became her own anti-hero, depicted as an international thief and bounty hunter (and sometimes hero).

TheClassic TV Series Catwoman Skintakes its inspiration from the 60s live action show, in which the glamorous villain was played (mostly) by Julie Newmar.

Batman: Arkham Knight — Robin: Flip a Coin

Robin: Flip a Coin is a major DLC story expansion for Batman: Arkham Knight. Take control of the Boy Wonder and see him dealing with the aftermath of Batmans disappearance and hunting down Two-Face.

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