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Anyone who lives in a colder climate understands the struggle. You break out your warmest clothing and hope you can keep winters sometimes endless chill at bay.

And, hopefully, your wardrobe includes thermal underwear that keeps you toasty and protected from freezing temperatures. The best thermal underwear for men, which well review here, can make all the difference to your winter comfort level.

Our favourite thermal underwear is Minus 33s Wool Kancamagus Midweight Bottom. It is great for any outdoor activity even sports and is very low maintenance. Its also very comfortable!

Tanis SilkCut Thermal Underwear set is made from micro-modal fibre, which gives you total freedom of movement. Its also warm, cosy and softer than you can imagine.

Before you buy: 7 Things to consider when purchasing thermal underwear

The 10 best thermal underwear for men

8 Tips for wearing thermal underwear the right way

The different types of thermal underwear

Whats the difference? Thermal underwear vs. base layer

How we chose the products for our review

Minus 33 Wool Kancamagus Midweight Bottom

Suitable for any outdoor activities, even sports

Can be washed and dried in a machine

Tani SilkCut Thermal Underwear Set For Men

Duofold Mid-weight Double Layer Thermal Union Suit

Comfortable fit that keeps you warm

Thermajohn Ultra-soft Thermal Underwear Long Johns Set

Great body movement and flexibility

Designed with materials that dont bunch up

Carhartt Mens Force Midweight Classic Thermal Base Layer Pant

Maximum comfort due to its strategically-placed seams

Fruit of the Loom Mens Recycled Waffle Thermal Underwear Set

LAPASA Mens Heavyweight Thermal Underwear Set

Rocky Thermal Underwear Long John Set

Comfortable due to its elastic waistband

TSLA Mens Thermal Microfiber Soft Fleece Longjohns Set

Great ease of movement adjusted to your body

Double-stitched neckline offers a nice fit

The two-layered cotton/polyester keeps the body warm

The Merino wool provides great movement while retaining its shape

Before you buy: 7 Things to consider when purchasing thermal underwear

The last thing you need in the dead of winter is a pair of thermal underwear that doesnt fit, doesnt feel right, or doesnt keep you warm enough. And what fits and feels right for another man may not have the same fit and feel for you.

Here are some things to keep in mind when youre buying thermal underwear, and to help ensure you find a pair that best suits you:

Never disregard the fit when purchasing thermal underwear. While a pair may keep you warm and cozy when the temperatures plummet, you probably wont wear them as much as you should if the fit isnt right.

A poor-fitting pair of thermal underwear typically distributes the warmth unevenly, i.e., there will be areas of warmth (even excessive warmth) and areas where there isnt much heat at all.

In cold weather, a snug fit is ideal because it traps the heat generated by your body and boosts overall comfort. Thermal underwear should function as a second skin that creates a comfortable layer between the fabric and your body.

On the other hand, you dont want a fit thats too snug; in that case, you probably want to choose the next size up.

Thermal clothing needs to breathe, which refers to its ability to let moisture out but also to prevent you from becoming over-heated. It should keep cold air out while distributing warmth evenly.

Most thermal underwear consists of polyester, or a blend of polyester and cotton (and, sometimes, spandex).

However, more expensive brands often feature Merino wool which is sheep wool that is warm, moisture-wicking, and which even has odor-reducing properties.

Synthetic thermal underwear fabric is ideal for extreme cold weather and, as mentioned, is often polyester and spandex, but also lycra and nylon. These materials offer a nice balance of moisture-wicking and heat-retention.

Silk is a lightweight fabric option thats suitable for when the weather is cool but not very cold. It has a soft texture without a lot of bulk, but its not as good for drawing moisture away from the body quickly.

Cotton is soft and affordable, but it retains moisture more than other fabrics used in the construction of thermal underwear.

Many men rely on thermal underwear to help keep them warm during outdoor activities such as skiing or snowboard.

You can work up a sweat during those activities, however, which makes it crucial that you find a pair of thermal underwear that keeps you dry as you perspire.

Choose a pair of thermal underwear that does a superior job of wicking moisture away from the skin. A base layer such as thermal underwear wont keep you nearly as warm when youre wet with sweat, and youll lose heat quicker during the rest phase.

Consider the reasons why you need thermal underwear before buying.

Will you need it for everyday use, such as to keep you warm during those moments when you happen to be outside? Or, do you need it for outdoor activities, such as skiing or snowmobiling, or if you work outdoors in the winter?

Keep the weight of the fabric in mind as you choose a pair of thermal underwear based on your activity. The weight determines the level of warmth the underwear provides.

Thermal underwear comes in a variety of styles from a one-piece suit to two pieces bought separately (but perhaps as part of a set).

You can also purchase thermal underwear in a variety of colors. thermal underwear is meant to wear under other clothing, so its color may not be that important to you.

Pay close attention to the care instructions that come with your thermal underwear.

Synthetic fabrics require simple care, for the most part. You can machine wash them, theyre dryer-safe, and theyll maintain their original shape.

Youll want to wash cotton blends in cold water to prevent shrinkage. Cotton takes longer to dry, and youll get the best results if you air-dry them. You can care for wool blends the same way.

Its best to machine-wash silk blends, or you can machine-wash them on a delicate cycle.

Men looking for the best thermal underwear for extreme cold

There are plenty of contenders for the title of the warmest thermal underwear. But one that rises to the top is Minus 33s Merino Wool Kancamagus Midweight pant; its warm enough to wear when temperatures fall below 0.

The Kancamagus is toasty thanks, in part, to its 100% Merino wool construction. Gathered from the wool of Merino sheep, its among the finest, most comfortable wool in the world.

Many types of warmest thermal underwear for extreme cold feature Merino wool construction and, as the folks at Minus 33 put it, their midweight pant combines the warmth of a blanket with the functionality of a pant.

Those are helpful attributes when you spend a lot of time outdoors in the cold, or even for when you dont spend much time outside but temperatures have dipped to single digits.

But the Kanamagus Midweight pant isnt so warm that you cant wear it in warmer temperatures, because its a three-season thermal bottom that many men consider an essential part of their outdoor gear.

The Midweight pant isnt itchy like some wool garments either, and you have a variety of sizes from which to choose. While they may shrink just a tad in warm water, theyre stretchy enough to maintain a regular fit.

Its suitable for a variety of activities, including sports and outdoor work.

Minus 33 offers a 1-year warranty that covers material and manufacturing defects.

The Merino wool is machine washable and dryable.

If you want to remain warm and comfortable in the coldest weather, you need a layer of clothing provided by garments such as the Minus 33 Kancamagus Midweight Bottom.

Supreme comfortandethical contentment

Micro modal Air is a specialized type of fabric that is unusually soft and resists shrinkage extremely well. Given the obvious benefits of such a fabric, its hardly a surprise Tani loves to shout from the rooftops that their SilkCut Thermal Underwear Set is the only thermal underwear on the market thats made from it.

The reality is, that isnt just marketing hype: the fabric reallyisfiner than silk and just as soft as you might imagine. But its also incredibly durable, resilient and brilliantly cosy, making you feel wrapped up and safe at all times.

This is because the good people at Tani have mixed in a good bit of Elastane in with the Micro Modal Air fabric (6% and 94%, respectively), to ensure you can move about as much as you like whilst staying warm, comfortable and safe.

Its great for any kind of outdoor activity in cold climes. But its also a great luxury product to wear to bed or just around the house during the colder months.

Shockingly, given its luxury, Tani have also ensured that their thermal underwear is produced ethically, and is fully biodegradable, leaving you with a clean conscious as well!

Believe the hype micro modal fiber is as warm, soft and cosy a fabric as you can find.

The price is offset by its brilliant durability

No itchiness and adjustment will be needed!

Tani have made some of the absolutely thermal underwear you will find, with unbeatable softness that is kind to your most sensitive parts.

Warmth and mobility are a must for any many who engages in outdoor activities. Duofold has that in mind with its mid-weight double-layer thermal suit, which keeps you warm while allowing for a full range of movement.

That makes it among the best thermal underwear for hunters who, while often spending a lot of time remaining still, are frequently on the move, as well. They need a layer that keeps them warm but also offers an excellent fit and breathability.

The inside layer of the Duofold Union Suit consists of 100% cotton, while the outer layer features a blend of cotton, Merino wool, and nylon. The two layers offer excellent comfort and insulation and keep you warm in all temperatures.

The Union Suit features a long-sleeve coverall design with a full-button placket and a tagless crew neckline.

It keeps you warm without restricting mobility and movement.

Tagless neck design contributes to its overall comfort.

Its excellent for a wide variety of low-impact activities.

The Duofold Union Suit combines the softness of cotton with the natural warmth of Merino wool to provide excellent thermal insulation in colder temperatures. Its also the best thermal underwear for hunting.

Men looking for a warm, stretchable set of long johns.

Thermal underwear has to keep you warm if it doesnt, whats the point? But that doesnt mean you must sacrifice comfort for warmth, either.

Thermajohns thermal long johns offer an excellent example of how warmth and comfort can mesh seamlessly in lightweight thermal underwear that gets the job done.

Made from a poly-spandex material, the Thermajohn long underwear is decidedly lightweight, stretches easily, and offers full mobility no matter what your activity. It fits snug almost like a second skin but is soft.

The poly-spandex material works to wick away moisture while keeping you dry even during heavy activity. The long johns also have smart odor control that prevents the spread of smells and absorbs odor-causing enzymes, so they dont stick to the skin.

Youll also love the flexibility of these long johns. Youll enjoy full mobility, and the fabric doesnt hinder your movements, whether youre outside, at home, or in the office.

They feature a fly opening thats convenient for whenever nature calls.

They have a flexible waistband that stretches with your body as you move and wont dig into your midsection.

They dont have tags, which can cause skin irritation.

Thermaljohns long johns are also durable with strong seams that wont rip or tear prematurely.

A unique construction pattern offers natural flexibility and body movement.

You can wear them for any activity comfortably.

You dont have to worry about the material bunching up and becoming uncomfortable.

Theres a lot to love about Thermaljohns long johns from their breathability and comfort to their durability.

Carhartt built its brand name on the strength of its durable, rugged workwear. They make more than just that these days, but products such as their mens Force Midweight Classic Thermal Base Layer Pant take you back to the companys roots.

While the Force Midweight Classic Thermal pants are suitable for men of all walks of life, theyre ideal for anyone involved with physical labor. Theyre among the best thermal underwear for construction workers, for one, and great for anyone who works outdoors.

The Force Midweight pants consist of 100% polyester that offers easy flexibility without hindering movement. They follow your bodys natural movements instead of going against them.

Their waffle-knit design traps heat nicely and wicks moisture away from the skin. Its also fast-drying and fights odor.

Youll love the comfortable feel of these thermal pants, as well. As mentioned, the material flexes along with your bodys natural movements, while smooth flat-lock seams along with a tagless label enhance comfort.

Theres also a concealed, low-stitch waistband and contoured front for further comfort.

Strategically-placed seams offer maximum comfort and reduced chafing.

Carhartts fast-dry technology wicks away sweat and fights odor.

Their rugged design makes them excellent for outdoor work.

Men who work outdoors in the winter need thermal underwear thats warm and rugged enough to keep up with the demands of their job. Carhartts Force Midweight Thermal Base Layer pants do that and more.

Men looking for a comfy two piece thermal underwear set

If you are looking for comfy yet affordable two-piece thermal underwear, then Fruit of the Loom got you covered with their Mens Recycled Waffle Thermal Underwear Set.

They are constructed with 52% cotton and 48% polyester making them super soft and comfortable to wear under clothing. Its waffle knit fabric responds to changes in your environment while helping to maintain a more optimal temperature. It will keep you warm, but you wont overheat.

An additional feature is that its tag-free which, adds to its overall comfort. Its fabric is also moisture-wicking, keeping you dry from unwanted sweat.

Overall, for its slim design, the Fruit of the Loom Mens Recycled Waffle Thermal Underwear Set provides great freedom of movement. However

While this does a great job keeping you warm in moderately cold weather, some reviewers on Amazon say that it doesnt provide much warmth in freezing cold temperatures.

A great set for those looking for a comfortable and soft underwear set.

Men looking for thermal underwear set for extremely cold weather

LAPASA is not the brand that takes thermal underwear lightly. This is evident with their LAPASA Mens Heavyweight Thermal Underwear Set.

It is constructed with 260g/ heavyweight thermal fabric that is unrivaled when it comes to keeping you warm in freezing temperatures. It retains body heat while maximizing comfort due to its softness.

Made with 95% polyester and 5% spandex, it is very elastic and stretchable, providing you with all freedom of movement you need. Even with its thick thermal fabric, it manages to be very breathable which, is a big plus.

The neckline is reinforced to keep cold from getting inside, and the inner fleece lining adds additional warmth.

While it features a slim-fit design, the LAPASA Mens Heavyweight Thermal Underwear Set is suited for a variety of activities, even winter sports. As you would expect, it is moisture-wicking, keeping your body dry and the sweat out.

Maintains body temperature due to its fleece lining.

Very breathable and elastic for maximum comfort.

Thicker heavyweight thermal fabric provides unrivaled warmth.

A well-thought heavyweight thermal underwear set that will keep you warm even in the coldest of temperatures.

Men looking for a versatile two-piece thermal underwear set

The Rocky Thermal Underwear Long John Set is an Amazon bestseller with over 1,500 primarily positive reviews. The Rocky company is doing something right, it seems.

And theres a lot of love about this 2-piece thermal underwear set. It features a cotton/polyester blend, and the midweight and heavier weight versions include spandex for excellent stretch and flexibility.

The cotton/polyester fabric does a great job of wicking moisture away from the skin. It helps to keep you dry no matter what your activity, includingjoggingand other forms of outdoor workouts.

The overall fit of this 2-piece set is lightweight and snug. Not that it fits tight, but it fits snug enough against the body that it doesnt appear obvious that youre wearing anything under your regular clothing.

The shirt and pants also dont lose their elasticity or shape over time; combined with their overall durability, you should get plenty of use from this set before its time to buy another one.

The long john pants feature an elastic waistband for ideal comfort.

They work well as a thermal or base layer.

It has a lightweight feel but offers plenty of warmth.

A lightweight set of thermal underwear that keeps you warm without adding bulkiness is always a plus. Rocky offers that and more with its 2-piece set.

Men looking for an affordable, basic thermal underwear set

The TSLA thermal underwear set is casual-yet-sporty, affordable, and also great for keeping you warm and comfortable for when winter creeps into town.

Made from fleece microfiber and spandex, the TNSLA top and bottom set provides a level of flexibility thats hard to beat. It has a 4-way stretch and fits snug to the skin, yet it moves naturally with your bodys movements.

Youll enjoy excellent mobility no matter what your activity, while its sleek design and color options mean you can even wear the top by itself.

The fabric is of a high density and not only provides exceptional comfort but maintains its original shape even after long-term wear.

It also helps wick moisture from the skin to keep you dry and comfortable while providing all the thermal insulation you need to handle those cold winter days and nights.

It provides excellent mobility and adjusts to your bodys movements.

It includes a double-stitched neckline that offers a nice fit and flexible movement.

The TSLA thermal underwear set is an excellent all-around investment that offers the warmth and comfort you need during the long winters.

Men who maintain low to medium-activity levels outdoors

ColdPruf has a centurys worth of experience in designing and producing products that keep its customers warm and comfortable from chair lift to campfire.

Their experience and know-how are apparent in products such as their mens basic dual-layer bottom.

ColdPruf says the latter works perfectly fine as a base layer i.e., with nothing worn under it but youll appreciate its warmth and comfort no matter how you choose to wear it.

Youll also appreciate its many exceptional features, such as:

ColdPrufs technical fiber with Silvadur Intelligent Freshness that minimizes odor and odor-causing bacteria.

The ColdPruf ThermaChoice System that finds the right balance between what the weather is like and how your body reacts to the weather.

The Basic Dual-Layers construction includes Merino wool, which sets a very high standard for warmth and durability.

Tagless labeling and a non-itch waistband that enhances its overall comfort.

Speaking of the waistband, it rests comfortably at the natural waistline, while a front and back rise helps create an ideal fit while keeping the skin covered at all times. Theres also a convenient front fly for when nature calls.

The soft, cotton/polyester two-layer labeling traps body heat to block the chill.

The Merino wool follows your natural body movements while stretching and retaining its shape.

Its ideal as a base layer if you choose to wear it that way.

The Basic Dual Layer Bottom is an excellent base layer or as a thermal layer. It traps heat and while providing a cold-proof barrier.

While theres nothing overly complicated about the how, when, and why of wearing thermal underwear, there are some useful suggestions for doing so, nonetheless.

The obvious answer to the question of When should I wear thermal underwear? is when its cold outside. No surprise there.

But some people can handle the cold better than others, so you can decide when to wear thermal underwear depending on your tolerance for cold.

In general, however, thermal underwear is meant for cold weather for the winter.

That doesnt mean you shouldnt wear it at other times of the year because you can, but the majority of people pull out thermal underwear from their dresser drawer when temperatures start to drop and continue to drop.

If you find yourselfsweating excessively, or that your skin starts to itch, it may be warm enough outside that you dont need to wear thermal underwear.

Many men wear thermal underwear when participating in winter activities such as skiing, jogging, snowboarding, and hiking. A critical factor to keep in mind is that you dont want to get too warm while exercising.

Your safe bet as an active man is to choose lightweight thermal underwear that wicks moisture, helps keep you dry, and has a comfortable 4-way stretch. And, that you can wear as a base layer under your shorts, skiwear, and pants, or solo.

The highest quality thermal underwear such as those we review above are built for comfort, and you may find that you enjoy wearing them for lounging around the house.

You may also find that your regular pajamas dont keep the chill out in the dead of winter, which is a good reason for swapping them out for a pair of thermal underwear.

If youve ever been to an outdoor sporting event, concert, or participate in activities such as camping and fishing in the winter, you understand the importance of staying warm.

Thermal underwear is a must for comfort and warmth during those activities in which youre more sedentary than active.

We discussed how important it is to get the right fit in our section about thermal underwear buying tips. Fit is crucial to the overall comfort, and its up to you to decide what type of fit you prefer loose-fitting, snug, or something in between.

The fit also depends on the fabric: cotton blends tend to have a looser fit while synthetic and microfibers are more form-fitting.

Well talk about base layer vs. thermal underwear in a bit, but the important point is that the design and purpose of thermal underwear is insulation. That said, you shouldnt wear them as a substitute for regular underwear.

While you can wear thermal underwear for several days without having to launder them, regular underwear (jockeys, briefs, etc.) should be worn for one day and then laundered.

If you wear your thermal underwear in place of regular underwear, youre going to need to wash them far more often.

Put your long johns on first, before yoursocks. Put your socks on so that they go over the bottom of your long john pants.

You can wear a long john shirt as you would a regulart-shirt. Wearing another shirt below your thermal underwear top isnt advised because it can get a bit uncomfortable.

What kind of thermal underwear you choose depends mostly on the type of fabric and weight.

We mentioned Merino wool frequently in our reviews of the best thermal underwear and with good reason. Its among the warmest and most comfortable materials used for thermal underwear construction, and it has moisture-wicking properties.

Even better, perhaps, is that Merino wool is environmentally sustainable. After all, once you give Merino sheep a good haircut, their wool will grow back.

Synthetic materials are a good choice if youre looking for a more affordable option for wool thermal underwear. Synthetics include polypropylene and polyester, which dont absorb moisture (like cotton) and still provide plenty of warmth and insulation.

Theyre also useful for wicking moisture from the skin.

Polyester doesnt quite hold the heat like polypropylene, but its easy to care for and wash. Its also UV-resistant.

Its hard to beat the comfort of 100% cotton, but it doesnt insulate quite as effectively as Merino wool. It also doesnt manage moisture as well as other fabrics.

Thermal underwear often consists of wool/polyester or cotton/polyester blends (or polypropylene) that feature the best of both worlds, i.e., warmth, comfort, insulation, moisture-wicking, and more.

You can also categorize thermal underwear by their weight, which indicates their thickness.

Lightweight thermals are the thinnest types and often among the most affordable. Theyre ideal for intensive activities in cold weather, such as skiing or jogging, and even suitable for regular use in all seasons.

Midweight thermals are multi-functional and warm enough to wear for cold to colder temperatures. But you can also wear them in the fall or spring when temperatures are warmer, but still a bit cool.

Heavyweight thermals are the thickest of all and best for use in the most frigid and blustery conditions.

Things can get a bit confusing when discussing base layers and thermal underwear. Technically, thermal underwear acts as a base layer, i.e., you wear it under your outside layer of clothing, and its often worn against the skin.

But an excellent way to stay warm in colder weather is to wear three layers a base layer, a middle layer (which could be thermal underwear), and an outer layer.

A base layer should prevent you from getting cold, not to keep you warm, if that makes sense. Its an important point to keep in mind when choosing a base layer.

The ideal base layer should help wick sweat from your body which many brands and styles of thermal underwear also do. Wet skin will only make you feel colder, and in cases of extreme cold that can be dangerous.

Lightweight base layers garments typically have a looser fit than thermal underwear and promote better air circulation while wicking moisture away from the skin. Heavier base layer materials have more of a snug fit, however.

Silkis a fabric sometimes used in base layer undergarments and has some advantages, such as superior comfort and that they dont have the added bulk of other garments.

Base layers made fromMerino woolare suitable for colder temperatures but also good for most conditions, while synthetic fabrics work well in warmer temps.

In general, however, base layer clothing needs to pull sweat away from the skin as quickly as possible, while also drying fast to keep your skin from becoming too cold.

Theres more to thermal underwear than meets the eye, which is true of most products. But, for us, choosing the best thermal underwear meant studying the factors we used in our buying tips above, namely, fit, comfort, breathability, moisture-wicking, etc.

While the fit is a personal thing, as is comfort, we looked carefully at the fit each type of thermal underwear offered while using the reviews of customers as an important guide as well as its overall comfort level.

What did customers think of the fit? How comfortable were they when wearing a particular brand of thermal underwear for their many activities?

A pair of thermal underwear had to be breathable to meet our approval and also able to wick away moisture. A garment that gets wet, cold, and clammy isnt going to cut it in the dead of winter.

We also evaluated the quality of each products seams. Seams affect not only comfort but also durability. The cheaper the seams, the more likely youll need to buy a new pair of thermal underwear sooner than later.

Another important factor was the factor. We tried to present a mix of fabric from polyester to cotton to wool to blends to provide a comparison.

A good pair of thermal underwear can make the difference between being comfortable during the winter or suffering through it as the temperatures take dive. The right pair will suit your activities and provide a protective layer that keeps you warm and safe.

Wed love to hear your thoughts and observations. Do you have a favorite brand of thermal underwear? Why do you like it? As always, we welcome your feedback.

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