PCE Instruments works with things that are really important: industrial measurement tools that help to better understand and optimize processes. Our field of activity is the development, manufacture and distribution of industrial products that help to increase efficiency in many industries, such as industrial plants or laboratories.

The measuring instruments are the main focus of PCE Instruments. In our catalog, you will find hand tools, instruments for fixed installation and other measuring instruments for analysis and research.

Collecting data is becoming increasingly important every day in the industry, both in the professional and private sector. Demand is focused primarily on devices that measure quickly and accurately, delivering concrete results during the measurement. At PCE Instruments, you will find over 600 instruments from the areas of measurement, control and weighing technology.

Please contact us and we will assist you in finding the most suitable measuring instrument.

PCE Instruments offers complete solutions for demanding industrial and modern measurement tasks. Our solutions achieve maximum reliability in measurements. In the field of inspection and non-destructive testing, you will find measuring instruments to determine and analyze the quality of various scientific and industrial applications without damaging the material.

Imagine that in some manufacturing processes, the values would differ from the historical values. That would increase the manufacturing costs and there would also be a loss of time. PCE Instruments offers preventive solutions that detect possible deviations directly during the manufacturing process, reducing costs and time.

The HMI operator panels (Human Machine Interface) are a great support in process visualization. They are specially designed to operate and observe processes in the industry. No matter which type of communication you require (fieldbus, Ethernet, serial interfaces), our operator panels can be easily integrated into all networks.

The collection and evaluation of climate and other environmental data not only plays a major role in the production of food and the abstraction of drinking water. In addition to factors that influence these two vital areas, there are many other parameters that can affect life, health and performance. The effects of how we live and work on plants, animals and the global climate – which can already be felt in many places without measurement – are also an important topic in the field of environmental measurement technology. In addition, devices that can be used to measure the achievable or achieved yield of renewable energies are an important tool for the implementation of the energy transition.

For many things that affect us and our environment, there are now defined limit values or recommendations compliance with which can be monitored with measuring instruments. Whether physical quantities such as temperature, air pressure, sound pressure level, electromagnetic radiation or substances that are absorbed through breathing, drinking water or food … it is the dose that causes a harmful effect. Paracelsus had already found out about this in the 16th century.ENVIRONMENTAL METER

PCE Instruments relies on specialized engineers and technicians who develop and manufacture custom solutions. The close cooperation with the customer allows to achieve coordinated solutions and to guarantee that the measuring instruments not only meet the expectations but even exceed them. Our services include maintenance, calibration and, if necessary, repair of our equipment.

PCE Instruments offers some manufacturing monitoring solutions like measurement data collection, transmission, storage, visualization / monitoring and control and regulation of manufacturing processes for your machines. For all the work, it is no longer necessary for a person to be on site, next to the machine or plant. Our industrial remote maintenance allows you to access a remote system and view or change parameters remotely.

Development, production and distribution of measuring, control, weighing and laboratory technology in industry.

PCE Instruments also works with universities and research institutes. PCE Instruments specializes in high-quality equipment in the field of condition-based maintenance, although our program includes much more to meet customer needs. What stands in the foreground of the development of new PCE products, is an easy handling and that the customer has a great benefit.

At PCE Instruments, the numbers are very important, because especially in technology, it is essential to know the data and statistics of all the parameters you want to control. Here are some figures about PCE Instruments that show how our company has developed since the 1990s and has grown worldwide. For more information, please contact

Development, production and distribution of measuring, control, weighing and laboratory technology in industry.

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