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For example, the position placed on the table is not too suitable, I will always feel the eye.As follows: As for this folderYes, you can set a link on the left side of my computer, that is, shortcuts, specific practices Refer to 3rd points.@Google Developer: GoogleWebmasters website new revision, fully support Chinese.After such an operation, the effect shown in the above figure is formed.I dont know if Google is preparing for Chinas webmaster is preparing for return to China? Related reading: Google Official SEO Manual Download”Photo” is some of the usual life, and it is more pity, put it in memory, and upload it to this.Friends said that I have obsessive-compulsive disorder, I sometimes feel that there is really a little.Save a lot of things.Because the usual time is relatively small, but in order to rise, I have to send something in two days.For example, when you go to the toilet, take the bus.”Support Section” provides a large amount of information to help you solve the problem in the website, “Learning Section” provides learning courses and SEO guidelines to help you build a high-quality website, interacting, letting you master the latest developments anytime, anywhere.As shown below: Baidu cloud disk is Of course, but the Jinshan Express is transferred to the Internet, which is saved inside the computer, so that it doesnt matter if it is changed, it doesnt have to continue downloading these software.This software can be used to see files in Formats such as PDF, TXT, and EPUB.The above figure is part of my common website.If these folders are placed directly on the desktop, they will look good, too messy So I put them in the E disk, as shown below: After setting these folders in the E disk, I put the most common shortcut to the left side of “My Computer”, the specific method of operation is The folder is dragged there so that it will default a shortcut.If you like to watch e-books like me, then this software you It can be used, as shown below: Yes, this is the Baidu reader.The entry is awake, the interface is simple, classified is clear, at a glance, save a lot of time to find e-books.

Jingdong Yun said that industries need to be highly divided into cooperation, in the infrastructure level, any cloud manufacturer cannot meet all the needs of the company.Summit scene, Vice President of Intel Marketing Group, General Manager of China Industry Solutions, General Manager, General Manager of China, reviewed the long-term cooperation between Intel and Jingdong cloud at the summit, and focused on Intels future cloud platform, optimized software and system level The solution can achieve faster transmission, more storage, and more calculation.The President of Jingdong Cloud Professionals, “From the most understandable industry, Jingdong Cloud wants to strive to make the strongest industrial cloud, the lowest carbon cloud, the most open cloud and the most valueful cloud.And scheduling.Relying on the cloud ship open application market, Jingdong Yun also released the first comprehensive open PaaS ecology “cloud building plan”, which is committed to building the “Android system” in the field of cloud computing.” Jingdong Cloud Business Group The president Gao Liqiang said at the summit.China Network Technology July 13, Jingdong Yun officially issued the first mixed cloud operating system “cloud ship” today, and introduced hybrid cloud management to the operating system level, and realized the most comprehensive and thorough unified management of digital infrastructure.2021 Jingdong Yun Summit site According to reports, the cloud ship operating system has two core characteristics: enterprise level and full open.Jingdong Yun adheres to the opening of the students ecological concept to create the most dynamic industrial ecology.The main products are Hong Kong GIA lines, Sha Tin CN2 line cloud server VPS, Chengdu high-defense server, Liaoning high-defense server, Yaan high-defense server, Xian high-defense server, Shenzhen BGP, Luoyang BGP.Technical field.Gao Liqiang believes that Jingdong Yun self-existing open public cloud services, TIES model constitutes Jingdong Clouds cloud that is the most understandable industry.Sustained leading basic technical capabilities is the basis of service industries.Fully open, two-way open, one is to open down, comprehensively compatible with all kinds of infrastructure, realize the customers perspective “a cloud”;the second is open, fully open PaaS, provide the application market, and partners provide industries Consistent PaaS capabilities running over a variety of infrastructure, for industry customers to use, flexible deployment.The tea cat cloud is a domestic cloud host service provider, a formal big company, supporting the full amount of 3 days.0, Jingdong Yun ZhiEnter new products such as visual series products.At the meeting, Jingdong Yun also released seven basic technical products, including a new generation of green data centers, Jing Gangs fourth-generation cloud host, a new generation of elastic exclusive cloud JDSTACK 4.This introduction to everyone is Hong Kong CN2 products, based on Hyper-V, KVM virtual architecture, Hong Kong cloud server based on Hyper-V support WIN and Linux all-system operating system, high product performance, I / O high It is only one minute to install the Pagoda panel under Linux for 1 minute, and it is more suitable for quick construction.Enterprise level is fully compatible with CNCF consistency certification.

3, the brand is not built, integrated Communicate, build a positive approval of the group.Brand advertising is not only selling products, but more importantly, it is necessary to capture peoples hearts, let people feel the stories of people;2, advertising is not only a picture, but a kind of peoples core engineering and ar.