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Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue remains active and in support of Yorkies in need, and those who need to surrender, would like to foster, or want to adopt during COVID-19. We continue to rely on the support of our volunteers and donors, but during this pandemic we want to ensure that our mission supports the safety and health of our community at large.

In support of physical distancing, we are adjusting our intake and placement process, as not to potentially expose you, our volunteers, or community. We ask that you work with us in remaining safe, while also providing a safety net for animals in need. These are unprecedented times. Please take care of yourself, reach out for support when you need it, contact YTNR to assist in problem-solving regarding a potential rescue or adoption, and remain hopeful and positive.

Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization. We have been rescuing and re-homing Yorkshire Terriers since 1997. Our rescues live in foster homes, are spayed/neutered, heartworm tested, medically cleared, vaccinated and microchipped prior to placement.

Potential adopter applications are carefully screened. Pre-adoptive interviews as well as in-home checks, personal and veterinary reference checks are conducted to ensure a loving and responsible forever home placement.

use Craigslist to advertise or sell any dog. Our contact info on our web page is the only contact info for our rescue. Please use only this site for our rescue dogs and contact.

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